I am:

  • Mom

  • Wife

  • Daughter

  • Friend

  • Caregiver

  • Entrepreneur

We are all products of our life circumstances. This is how I got here.

At some point in my 40’s I realized I didn’t want to be defined by these titles.  I wanted to…quite simply..be me.

But I wasn’t even sure who that was anymore.

I’ve faced a lot of tragedies in my life – my first born died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at 3 months-old, my second son has intellectual disabilities, I was in a bad marriage and getting divorced cost me everything financially and then, when I met a wonderful man and got married again he was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 4 weeks after our wedding.

Very quickly I became a caregiver as well as a newlywed. It was when I hit rock bottom emotionally, financially and spiritually that I knew I needed to find a way out of it.  I needed to Shut the Fear Up!  And that required me to start working on me.

We’re so busy taking care of everyone else that along the way we lose ourselves. 

We think it’s selfish to put ourselves first but really it’s self-preservation. After all, when we go down the entire family stops functioning. And that’s why my goal is to help women stay happy, safe and sane – not only for themselves but for their families.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ― Oprah Winfrey

There were days when the burdens felt overwhelming.

But I knew that “quitting life” was not an option for my kids or myself. I knew that if I didn’t learn how to take care of myself, take control and take a stand I would end up sick physically and emotionally.

And so, I took a master’s course on “me.” I practiced meditation, I immersed myself in lectures and reading from some of the leading experts on empowerment, spirituality and motivation. I consulted with physicians, nutritionists, therapists, spiritual leaders and fitness gurus to learn how to make myself stronger, fulfill my dreams and, in the process be a better mom, spouse, daughter, business owner and friend.

It took hard work, some setbacks, a dedication to reclaiming my life and a commitment to honoring who I knew I was meant to be.

I came to realize that what I’m most passionate about is sharing what I’ve learned in order to help other women release their fear, regain their self-confidence and become happy.

Today I am a motivational speaker, brand ambassador, author and coach. I work with women who are ready to expand into their full potential and live life on their terms courageously and confidently.

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