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Why Women Really Go To Bars

ReservationtoEvent3Last night I met a group of my friends who are a part of a women’s entrepreneur group for a drink.  We all had different stories, some were divorced, some married, some on our second marriages, some empty-nesters.

As I looked around the restaurant in my small town, I realized the entire place was filled with groups of women like us.  There wasn’t a man in the place.  I knew some of the women at the other tables and learned they were out with their tennis group or “Newcomers Group.”

There was a sense of energy in the restaurant.  We were not women looking to get drunk or meet men.  Our energy was derived from the shared experiences and community of other like-minded women.

I can’t speak for the male mind (although we certainly tried) as to why you don’t often see entire restaurant’s filled with  just men unless, of course, it’s a sport’s bar and they’re watching a game.  As one of my friends said “unless there’s a bat and ball in the mix, most likely they wouldn’t be together like this.”

Each of us had a story to share about our lives.  We were looking for validation, connections and suggestions.  We started talking about the importance of living your own truth and how, sometimes, we allow spouses, siblings and colleagues to deviate us from our own path to happiness.    That’s why our group first came together – as female entrepreneurs we needed support, advice and community.  And isn’t that really why Facebook is so popular among women of this age?  Unlike our teens, we’re not posting photos of what we ate or what we’re wearing.  We’re asking for prayers for someone in our life who’s ill, we’re sharing stories that touched us and we’re reaching out for connection.

As women, we crave connection and we’re also trying to gain inner strength.  All of us sitting at that bar last night had so many other things to do, but each of us said, no matter what, we were coming out to meet for at least one drink.  We were a determined group because we knew, intuitively that we needed the company of one another to give us the strength that was being drained out of us by family and work obligations.

In January I’m hosting my first “What About Me?” event to help women rediscover their inner strength.  I’m bringing together a team of incredible people to help women learn how to find peace and joy amidst the chaos of everyday life.  I’ll share with you powerful techniques to become self-confident and manage the stressors that prevent us realizing our full potential. 



Our daily lives seem to be centered around making everyone else’s life run smoothly in our family.   Isn’t it time to take a day to make your life happy and successful?   I can’t wait to see you on January 23rd!