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Two ways to cope with the Oklahoma Tornado tragedy

stock-footage-the-sunset-over-the-serene-ocean-dv-ntsc-videoAs I awake this morning I’m compelled to turn on the news and see that the horror in Oklahoma continues to rise as more bodies are being discovered.  Like so many of you, I’m left speechless and trying to comprehend the pain and anguish families in this area are experiencing right now.

It does indeed seem as if the man-made tragedies and natural disasters are coming at a faster pace and I sit here questioning what is truly happening in our world.

I question how much to tell my children and even what to tell them.  I know that my 10 YO will hear about this in school from her friends and I’m committed to explaining things to her in my own words, praying that I can give her some sort of comfort when in fact I don’t feel it myself.

There are only two things I know for certain this morning.  First, while all of us are horrified by the tragedy unfolding in Oklahoma, it doesn’t do us any good to remain glued to the TV or internet.  Somehow we must go on with our lives for the sake of our own mental well being but also that of our children.

And secondly, we need to cling to our faith, whatever that faith might be.  My faith has carried me through many dark days as I pray for strength and peace for victim’s families and hope for calmness in an increasingly chaotic world.

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