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Let’s face it, we all start out with great plans for the new year – eating healthier, spending less, getting organized – but actually sticking to our goals is not that easy.  For working moms especially, finding ways to get everything done while making healthy meals and staying on top of homework is the holy grail.

This is when technology actually becomes our friend.  Sure there are a lot of bad things about technology, like when all you see is the top of your kids’ heads when you’re trying to have a conversation with them.  But when it comes to being “mama’s little helper” some apps and services can’t be beat.

Here are my favorite time saving, life saving and sanity saving tech products:

Robotic Vacuums – I never thought my favorite Christmas present would be a vacuum but I’m in love with my Roomba!  I’m a firm believer in “something has to give” when you have a million things on your plate and for me it was always housework.  But now I have “Lil’ Jake” (yes, we named our Roomba).  Through the app on my phone I can start Lil Jake and he’ll vacuum the entire house while I’m gone.  When his battery gets low he finds his way back to the docking station, recharges and then goes back to where he left off! You can place “light houses” which will prevent your Roomba from going into certain rooms and it has a “cliff sensor” which will prevent it from falling down a staircase.  This mama doesn’t need jewelry, just give me a robotic vacuum and I’m happy.

Home Automation System – There are good things and bad things about my kids being old enough to be home by themselves.  I no longer have to worry about running home from a meeting or scheduling a breakfast meeting after they leave for school.  But, I do still have anxiety about what they’re doing when I’m not there.  With my COX Homelife system I can check in on them through cameras, check if they’ve gotten home from school and even turn off the lights when they forget!  With an app on my phone I can see exactly what’s going on (like if they’re watching TV rather than doing their homework) and get an alert if they’ve left the house.  While I trust them to be alone it really gives me peace of mind knowing I can check in – and that frees my mind up to focus on something else.

Meal Planning – At the beginning of the school year I knock it out of the park creating frozen pre-made crock pots meals that can simply be tossed in before I leave for work.  That lasts for about a month and then I’m back to scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to make besides pasta or ordering a pizza.  Now I’ve discovered Mealime which is awesome!  I can put in my meal preferences, any dietary restrictions and ingredients I like and it will come up with some great meals as well as the shopping list for the items.  I still make double batches so that I can freeze one meal which helps me stay ahead.

Staying calm when your plate’s overflowing with personal and work demands isn’t easy.   Every tech tool that simplifies helps.  What are some of your favorite tech tools?  Post here and share what works for you.

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