aisonces (2)If you have them, you know what I mean – you can barely get five minutes alone to shower in peace, are battling with her at every meal to eat her veggies, and pray that getting him to bed tonight will not be drawn out for an hour…

If any of this sounds familiar, I’d like to invite you to an exciting free summit: Surviving Early Childhood which is going to be live February 8 – 23, 2016!  You don’t even need to shower or get out of your pj’s to attend (it’s all online!)…

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In this summit you’ll be hearing from 15 different experts (including me!) on a wide variety of  topics affecting all areas of parenting toddlers and preschoolers.  You’ll learn:

  • 15 strategies you can use to combat picky eating – choose one to use today!
  • The top 5 home remedies you should have on hand should your little one get sick (and when to call in professional help)
  • 4 building blocks for fostering self esteem in your child from a young age and what your child can do if they are being bullied
  • The biggest mistakes parents make relative to the safety of their toddlers and preschoolers and how to safeguard them inside and outside the home
  • How to be a conscious parent and teach your your tots to be with fear, anger, joy and even sadness
  • What potty training “readiness” really looks like, the biggest potty training myths, and how to get the process started
  • Creative and fun ways to entertain and educate your child at home and outdoors
  • How to get a handle on the toy madness and if you should involve your child in the organizing process
  • Mistakes that parents often make when hiring babysitters or nannies, how to find your ideal sitter and best practices in working with her
  • What developmental milestones your toddlers and preschoolers should be meeting and how to assess if they’re delayed
  • How to take care of YOU when you can barely find 5 minutes alone
  • What your child is trying to achieve by misbehaving, and how to discipline in a more positive manner
  • How to successfully travel with your child and maintain your sanity
  • When and how to transition to a toddler bed, how to make sure your child is getting enough sleep and tips and tricks to stop the dragged out bedtime routine
  • How to stay sexually connected with your spouse when you’re tired and feeling less than sexy
  • And much, much more!

I hope you will join me at this event – it’s going to be a lot of fun, and you’re going to fill up your parenting toolbox with a ton of practical, do-able information to Survive Early Childhood!

Reclaim your sanity here: all it takes is one click!
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PS – as a bonus, you’ll be receiving a bunch of free gifts from summit experts – e-courses, audio classes, special reports, and more – so be sure to register today!

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