Daylight Savings Safety Tips

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This week marks the beginning of daylight savings time and in a few short weeks spring will officially be here which makes me a happy camper!

I love getting outside after dinner to play with the kids and not worrying about bundling up in heavy clothes.  Of course there are still those “surprise” days where my kids plan on going to school in shorts and a T-shirt only to figure out that it’s still pretty cold in the mornings.

With the change in daylight and the change in temperature here are a few safety tips and savings tip as we head into spring:

Kids are walking out to the bus in the dark – If you don’t have driveway lights or automatic motion sensors for your lights it’s something you should consider.  It’s important that your kids can see and be seen.

Illuminate the play areas –Be sure that backyard play areas, pools and long driveways are well illuminated to prevent injuries when riding bicycles, playing sports or simply hanging out.

Manage your indoor lights and thermostats to save $$ – When it’s still dark out leaving for work, it’s easy to forget to switch lights off.  It’s also more likely that you’ll leave your thermostat turned up after a chilly night.  COX Homelife allows you to manage this from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to turn off lights and change the temperature remotely.  You can also schedule lights to go on in the evening before you get home.

Finally, even though we always hear reminders to change our batteries in our smoke detectors and CO detectors when we change our clocks, it’s easy to forget or ignore.  Don’t!  This one simple move could literally save your life.


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