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September is Baby Safety Month – Baby Proofing Musts

Safety Mom Solutions Baby Proofing in Westchester, NY & Fairfield County

September has been designated Baby Safety Month and baby proofing your home should be one of your top priorities.  At Safety Mom Solutions, we have a team of trained baby proofers throughout Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY available to assist clients with jobs large and small. Often this includes installation of stairway gates, window guards and cabinet locks, but we also advise on positioning of furniture to avoid strangulation hazards from cord blinds and wires in the nursery.

Here are a few things to consider when baby proofing your home:

  • Loose  coins and medication on the nightstand – Everyone always looks around the  nursery but think about how much time your toddler spends in your room.  Are they climbing in bed with you in the  morning?  Then they have access to all  sorts of items on your nightstand.
  • Scalding  water from the bathtub – Do you know that the majority of burns occur  because of hot water, not flames?  If you
    have access to your water heater turn it down to 110° F.  If you don’t, got to your local hardware store and purchase a scald protector which can be attached to your water  faucet.
  • Topple  over accidents – Heavy furniture and TVs falling over on children is more  common than most parents realize.  Over 245 children were killed in the past ten years due to furniture tip overs.  Secure all furniture to walls with furniture  straps or L Brackets and use heavy-duty Velcro to secure TVs into entertainment  units
  • Poisoning  from personal hygiene products – Parents often realize that cleaning  products need to be kept away from children but they don’t consider toiletries  such as mouthwash, hair gels and talcum powder.  All of these are toxic when ingested by a child.  Install locks on all bathroom cabinets as  well as kitchen cabinets.

To have a Safety Mom Solutions safety consultant do an assessment of your home, call us at 203-594-7452.


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