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This summer a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  She’s spent the past several months in a hospital being treated and she’s been an incredible trooper.  I can’t begin to imagine how hard this has been on the entire family.  After all, my friend needs to continue working and there are her other kids to be considered who also want her attention.  The emotional and physical toll a child’s hospitalization takes on a family are tremendous.  There’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make our child healthy and will search for the best treatments and doctors we can find.

Deciding upon a children’s hospital requires more thought and research than when selecting a hospital for ourselves or another adult.  It’s not enough that the treatment he or she receives be state-of-the-art, but the environment needs to be warm and inviting.  Kids aren’t just patients, they’re still kids and want to have an opportunity to play in an environment that isn’t sterile and cold.  There also needs to be a collaborative relationship with the parents.

The new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital—34th Street checks off all of these boxes.  A part of NYU Langone Health and the flagship pediatric inpatient care center, the 160,000 square foot facility is the first children’s hospital built in New York City in nearly 15 years.

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At Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital kids can be kids and parents feel supported.

Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital—34th Street was designed with input from the Youth Advisory Council and Family Advisory Council, made up of children who have undergone treatment at NYU Langone and their family members, and facilitated by the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care, a unique partnership between children, families, and health professionals that is focused on advancing the practice of family-centered care at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

It is the city’s only inpatient facility with exclusively single-patient rooms, lowering risk of infection, adding patient privacy, and providing sleeping space for one parent.

From the New York City-themed artwork, including a replica of Lady Liberty made entirely of LEGO® bricks and an Empire State Building children can climb in, to playrooms for children of all ages and a broadcast studio, a visit to Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is unlike a typical inpatient stay.  Enhancing the patient experience is the Children’s Hall, a generous space offering activities including dance and theater performances, fitness classes, family nights, cooking programs, yoga and other fitness classes, religious services, and prom and graduation events.

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The Children’s Terrace, with a roof garden overlooking the Empire State Building, offers parents sunlight and fresh air during stays with their children. The Family Resource Lounge features laundry facilities, showers, a lactation and massage therapy room, a family lounge, snack center, and computer work stations.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Goldberg.

Regardless a hospital stay for a child can be quite scary.  For this reason, child life specialists are employed to help children relax and feel less overwhelmed by being in the hospital.

At Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital technology has improved the patient experience and treatment.

Knowing that the hospital you choose for your child’s care is state-of-the-art and utilizes the latest technology to ensure the best outcome is important.  NYU Langone has given much consideration to the technologies they use to ensure a seamless workflow, increase staff efficiency, improve patient safety, and maximize awareness of patients’ needs. They’ve invested over $400 million into a variety of IT initiatives to improve patient care and experience over the last 7 years.

  • Each of its 68 patient rooms features MyWall, customized by and for NYU Langone. This is a 75-inch, high-resolution electronic display screen with a touch screen tablet at the bedside. Children and their parents can use MyWall to order meals, watch TV and movies, play video games, use the internet, call or Skype with loved ones or teachers for schoolwork, and adjust room temperature, lighting, and window shades.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Goldberg.

  • A fleet of robots transport meals, linens, supplies, and medication and remove hazardous waste throughout Kimmel, freeing up staff to focus on caring for patients.
  • The first of their kind in the nation, Digital Medication Drawers are located outside each patient room and synced to a patient’s electronic health record to ensure they are receiving a personalized inventory of medications. This improves the efficiency and safety of medication management and administration, which data from health systems nationwide shows is one of the most difficult processes to manage.
  • Buzz OR/AV Management is a high-resolution display that integrates several information systems to allow surgeons and other members of the care team in our state-of-the-art operating rooms to visualize a case in real-time, and even interact with pathologists in the lab.
  • Clinical Mobile Companions are a suite of unique applications installed on 2,600 mobile devices—designed for convenient use by nurses, doctors and other care team members to provide better quality patient care and improve productivity and communication among the clinical staff. Clinical Mobile Companions were designed by and for NYU Langone.
  • Staff Terminal—Nurse Call System is an intelligent call system that allows nurses to stay in contact with patients and the broader care team, improving the flow of communications and decreasing response time while also minimizing errors and other tasks that might draw nurses away from patient care.

Choosing the best hospital to treat your child is one of the most important decisions you can make.  If you live in the New York metropolitan area Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital can offer high quality care in a warm, friendly environment for your child.

To learn more about Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital or search for one of its more than 400 doctors in more than 35 specialties, visit: nyulangone.org/hassenfeldchildrenshospital.

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