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When my friends from Los Angeles come to visit me, they can’t believe that I actually live in the woods when I’m so close to New York City.  But, I do – no street lamps, tons of trees and the houses are set way back from the road.  They’re also surprised that I know where I’m going when I’m driving at night as it’s so flippin’ dark! Unlike L.A., we don’t have brightly-lit billboards on every corner (one of the only things I don’t miss about living in Southern California.)

I have to admit that driving on a dark night, especially when the moon isn’t out, is nerve wracking.  I started to think it was my eyes getting bad but, when I started working with Sylvania, I found out that headlight bulbs can dim by 20% over the course of two years.  Not only was this something I didn’t know, but none of my friends did either who also admitted that they had started thinking they were getting to be nervous drivers at night just because they were getting old.  It’s kind of like when your eyes are getting weaker and all you need is a new eye glass or contact lens prescription.  All of a sudden you see clearer.  It was like that when I changed my headlight bulbs (yes I did it myself.)  The difference in how much better I saw driving at night was pretty amazing.

Sylvania’s SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs improve visibility

A few weeks ago I hosted a Twitter party about safe teen driving and talked about all of the issues surrounding this – the inexperience they have behind the wheel, the distractions and overall risk taking.  Many states have curfews established for younger drivers but night driving is dangerous for everyone.  Increasing the distance a driver can see down the road as well as on each side of the road is especially important as it gets darker earlier.

Click here to visit Sylvania’s site to see the difference a new set of headlight bulbs can make and find the ones that are right for your car.

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