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Over the years I’ve reviewed several home automation systems.  I have done so because I feel all homes should have one for safety purposes, to prevent break-as well as injuries.  Unfortunately many of the ones on the market are just too expensive for the average consumers.  I hadn’t heard of the WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor until Office Depot brought it to my attention and asked me to review it.

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As any of my friends will attest to, I hate reading directions of any sort.  If I can’t figure out how to use something just by looking at it, there’s a high likelihood it will sit in the box forever unless I can convince my husband or trusty business partner to read the directions and then explain it to me.

The beauty of the WeMo is that the directions are as simplistic as those that come with an iPhone or Android.  Pretty much all you need to do is:

  1. Download the free app
  2. Go to your settings and find WeMo
  3. Connect to it
  4. Plug in the sensor to one outlet
  5. Plug in the light, appliance or anything else to the switch which plugs into another outlet
  6. Launch the WeMo app

And you’re ready to go!  Yes, it’s pretty much idiot proof (or “written direction-challenged people” proof).

Basically you can use WeMo in two ways.  You can either set commands for a light or appliance to go on or off at specific times or you can set rules that when the sensor detects motions the light or appliance will go off.  Here’s what the interface looks like on your iPhone.


What’s really nice is that you can set the motion sensor to various sensitivities and times.  So, say your daughter has to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and you’re tired of her constantly calling you to go with her cause she’s afraid to get up in the dark (yes, that’s my issue).  You can set a rule that when the WeMo detects motion between the hours of 11P – 5A, her bedroom light will turn on.  And THEN, it will turn off again after 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes, whichever you program.  On the flip side you can set another rule that in the morning at 8:30A, (once she leaves for school) if WeMo doesn’t detect motion, it will shut her light off.  Yes, another pet-peeve of mine is when I have to go around the house and shut their lights off!

This is a great little device with tons of uses that I can think of immediately –  stay tuned for more!

And, be sure to visit Office Depot to learn more.


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