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Please say a prayer for Tyler Dasher tonight

I’m sitting here crying as I read the news story of Tyler Dasher, the 13 mos old boy who was killed at the hands of his mother yesterday, 20 year-old Shelby Dasher.  FULL STORY HERE

I wonder what goes through the mind of a mother who could kill her own child.  I cry in anger for this heinous and callous act when I lost my own child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and, like many other bereaved parents  would give their own life to get back their precious baby.  

And I sit here in sadness wondering what is happening in this world when every day we hear about “missing” babies who most likely were also killed by their parents and adults who sexually molest young children.  Who is protecting these children?!?!!?!?  What is wrong with these people?!?!!?! 

I’m really not sure what path our world is taking but I worry tremendously for our future. And I hug my kids just a little bit closer tonight as I say a prayer for Tyler Dasher.

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