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My Vtech phone in my beautiful tree house/office

I love my home office and being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM). I look out over the woods and have my very own “tree house.” I’m truly the multi-tasking queen and no one ever knows that I’m usually sorting laundry or cleaning a toilet while I’m doing a conference call. The only challenge I have – and I’m sure I’m not alone – is the dead zones around the house for my cell phone. My cell phone is my lifeline to the outside business world and the only problem I run into is when I’m walking around the house and calls get dropped or I miss what someone says. Also, I’m notorious for leaving my cell phone in one room and having my home cordless in another so I’m always racing about trying to find the right phone to answer. Vtech has created a great product that eliminates these problems – the VTech® Connect to Cell™ Answering System. Now, when I’m home, my cell calls go directly through to my land line. The voice quality is great and two separate cell phones can be connected so my husband, who’s also my business partner, can also get his calls on the land line. It’s got all the typical features you would expect – digital answering system, handset speaker phone and caller ID/call waiting – and it can download and store the cell phone directory from two different cell phones.This is the perfect gift for the multi-tasking mom!

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