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National Speak Up for Education and Kids Campaign Guest – Blogger Sharon Silver

I, like so many others are frustrated with what it’s taking to put our economy back in balance. I do think that as a nation there are several things we can do to make sure things don’t get too out of hand. One of those things is to please show support of teachers on May 26th for National Speak up for Education and Kids Campaign to support # EducationJobsFund. It’s National Call-in Day 1-866-608-6355. Please tell our national education leaders to stop cuts to education –

Why is it that we are so short sided? 

Education is one of those places where we as a nation, all of us, can actually change our future. We need to place the call to our law makers and remind them that the decisions they make now about education will have a huge impact on the future of our great nation, on the future of main-street, and on the planet as a whole, maybe they will hear us. 

We can’t keep having the “fix it later mentality.” iIf law makers do decide to fix it later, for whatever reason, then it will bite us next year as our children get lost in their classroom because there’s a shortage of teachers. It will bite us in a few years as the children loose interest in their schooling because no one helped them find their learning style so they could find success. It will bite us as the teens wander to things no one wants to think about instead of remaining focused on school. It will bite us  a few years later when they don’t have enough education to go to college and have no interest in helping society so the burden for them falls on society as a whole. It will bite us years from now when the little ones you’re holding in your lap now have grown into full adults and it’s their turn to take care of us. Their rage at being forgotten by the system could possibly mean they can’t help us as we age. And all because we didn’t make a decision today to speak as one voice and be heard! Stand together for our children’s future, our future and the future of our planet, do it TODAY, and take a stand for our tomorrow! Call 1-866-608-6355 and make your voice for education heard.

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