Heather Borden Herve´ is bringing GOOD News back to her community


Recently I joined a women’s small business group in my town.  It started out, as most things do with women these days, with a question I happened to post on our town Facebook page.  I wanted to see if anyone had some marketing tips they wanted to share with me.  Within a day, there were at least eight women entrepreneurs who also had questions.  It became apparent that all of us were looking for business support for our companies and yes, somewhere to commiserate about the challenges of owning our own companies while being mom.   While all of us are at different growth stages for our businesses and our challenges might be different, what struck me is how dedicated and passionate we all are about what we do.  Nothing against men, but there’s something about a mom with a mission that’s truly unstoppable!

So I’ve decided to start highlighting some of the incredible women I meet who are doing amazing things to make this world better, happier, safer and healthier.  I already have a bunch lined up but send in some suggestions about moms you know.

First up is Heather Borden Herve´, editor of GOOD Morning Wilton.  Heather, like so many of us, was tired of reading about violence, natural disasters and just plain nastiness.  Local community sites seem to be filled with criticism and gossip.  Heather wanted to do something different. She wanted a nice community newspaper that focused on the good parts of our community—new businesses, longtime businesses that haven’t gotten as much exposure, profiles of good people to know in Wilton, and things that happen and make news around town and in our schools.

And so, this month Heather launched GOOD Morning Wilton.  As Heather explains, “This was about wanting my kids to see that supporting good news was a way to make the local world around us safer, better and stronger as a community. I wanted to make sure that a main part of that was celebrating kids who do good, who aren’t afraid to step outside what all their peers are doing and stand up for the right and good thing. The category of “Teens Caught doing GOOD” is part of that, for kids who create programs, help others, stand up for what’s right should be celebrated and held up for community accolade, to hopefully encourage role modeling for other kids.”

GOOD Morning Wilton is the kind of news you want to read, with the kind of information you need to know. News that’s reported, written and told by writers who live in this community and who care a great deal about it.

Just as crucial, here’s what you won’t find on GOOD Morning Wilton: There’s no police blotter. Nor will anyone have to slog through news that doesn’t involve Wilton or the people who live here. Most importantly, it’s a news source about the community that respects what the word community means.

Heather’s vision of what a community newspaper should be is something more places should adopt!

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