Oct 30 2013_0037So many women today find themselves being torn in a thousand directions.  We’re doing everything for everybody….except ourselves.  Often we feel like our lives are out of control and we’re not doing any part of it particularly well.  Even worse – we’ve pushed our own dreams and desires aside to take care of everyone else.

I know, I was there.

I’ve lived through the four “Big D’s” – death, disability, divorce and debt.  As the caregiver to a father with Alzheimer’s, a husband with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, a son with intellectual disability and two other children plus running my own business, my life was overwhelming.   I knew that if I didn’t learn how to take care of myself, take control and take a stand I would end up sick physically and emotionally.

And so, I took a master’s course on “me.”  I studied mindful meditation, I immersed myself in lectures and reading from some of the leading experts on empowerment, spirituality and motivation.  I consulted with physicians, nutritionists, therapists, spiritual leaders and fitness gurus to learn how to make myself stronger, fulfill my dreams and, in the process be a better mom, spouse, daughter, business owner and friend.

Now I’m helping other woman discover how to reclaim their lives and fulfill their dreams!


Whether you’re looking to find balance in your life, grow professionally, more effectively manage the stress of daily life or rediscover your dreams and passions, I’m here to coach you along the way.


Private coaching

A series of 4 1-hour sessions via phone or Skype to address the challenges preventing you from living a passionate, purpose-driven and joyful life.  We’ll explore the self-imposed limitations and self-defeating inner dialogue that have developed and reframe, retool and refocus to allow you to realize your full potential both personally and professionally.

Together we’ll create an action-oriented plan to prioritize and focus on your goals and eliminate negative energy while developing strategies to remain self-confident, calm and happy.

This is highly personalized to deal with your specific issues and create strategies for success.


“Thank you Alison Jacobson! You are an amazing mentor and business consultant! After almost 8 years in business I was finally able to  define and describe in one sentence what it is I do with my images!! I can’t wait to reveal the words we came up with and the direction they will take my business. I feel so focused and confident!! Thank you!”  Andrea T, Wilton CT

Group coaching

6 meetings with no more than 5 participants which includes group exercises and guided discussion. The groups are comprised of women addressing similar issues – caregiving, work/life balance, family stress or professional growth. These groups are incredibly powerful in creating strength and energy among the participants. Participants also gain access to a private Facebook group where members are supported and encouraged as they continue their growth.

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