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In support of Tanya McDowell, a mother trying to give her son a shot at success

I’ve been following with dismay the case of Tanya McDowell, a homelss single mother from nearby Bridgeport, CT who has been charged with first degree larceny and is facing up to 20 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

What has she done that’s so horrific you might ask? Surely it must be something terrible such as abusing her children or neglecting them to the point of malnourisment. No, what this terrible woman did was try to provide a better life for her 5-year old son and give him the best education she could. She had the nerve to sign her son up for a public school in a city where she didn’t live but a friend did. Oh the horror! (Please, please, please note the sarcasm dripping from my voice.)

I’m not sure which part of this bothers me more, the fact that our tax dollars are going to try a case like this when they could be going after child abusers and molesters or the fact we’re trying to punish a mom who was trying to do whatever it took to get her child a good education.

And please spare me the argument that if she chose to “live” in Bridgeport that’s where her child should go to school. First, I’m not sure how many people are aware that it’s actually a crime to enroll your child in a school in a different neighborhood. But, most importantly, I know Bridgeport schools and I can’t blame her. Until something can be done to be sure that every child is provided with a good public education, parents need to do whatever they can to help they’re child succeed in life.

So, I’m throwing the question out to you. If you lived in a city where the schools were sub-par and you couldn’t afford to move for whatever reason, what would you do?


  1. Being born and raised in CT I can completely understand why she did what she did. It still baffles me, that it is a crime to place a child in a different school than specified. I guess my mother should be in jail for life. This country is so focused on the petty stupid crimes and it upsets me when it happens to people who are only trying to make a difference. I mean even when we lived in florida I was going to the wrong school, but my mother also didn’t want me being 1 out of 13 white people in a school that had over 3000 students. Not because she was racist, but in the short two weeks I was there I had been beat up twice because “i gave someone a bad look”. So kudos to this mama and I say do it again. Mother usually knows best.

  2. People, this is why we keep calling for school VOUCHERS! Then parents will have that power to choose the best education for their children. Instead, government education centers, also called public schools, have all of the power, and can legally imprison your children for eight hours a day for forced education. Sorry to sound extreme, but I didn’t enjoy my days in public school.


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