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Now that we’ve moved into a new house, my kids are dying to get a dog.  While I love the idea of having a pet, it’s a TON of responsibility and I’m not sure I’m up for it just yet.  And I know I’m definitely not up to housebreaking a puppy and hiding all of my shoes that would most likely become chew toys.

After having recently cared for two adorable 4 month-old pups, I realized there are almost as many safety issues to consider for them as well as human babies and they are quite similar.  Here are a few things to be mindful of if you have a puppy in the house:

Choking hazards: Make sure garbage cans are locked and behind cabinet doors to prevent your dog from getting to something that could hurt him such as bones, sharp cans or objects that present a choking hazard.  Put away all small possessions, such as remote controls, children’s toys, power cords, toothbrushes, shoes, or anything small enough to be chewed on or swallowed.

Fire hazards: Tipped over lamps can be a fire hazard since an excited dog may knock it over.  With systems like COX Homelife, you can remotely turn on and off your lights from your wireless device and double check if you accidentally left a light on.    You can also check in on your pet from wireless cameras to make sure he’s safe and not getting into trouble.

You should also never leave oil burners, scent plug-ins, or other heated scent products plugged in while not home as they can be knocked over and pose a fire hazard.  Get fire safety stickers to notify personnel that there are pets in the house in case of emergency.

Poison hazards: Keep all medications, cleaning fluids, or other hazardous substances put away.  Many people know that chocolate can be poisonous to a dog but there are a long list of other foods as well.  Block access to cabinets and drawers by either closing the doors to those rooms or securing them with child-proof latches.  Check to see if any plants you have are poisonous to animals and, if so, keep them in a blocked off room or out of reach.

Drowning: It’s estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning accidents every year.  Even a dog who knows how to swim can panic if he falls into a pool so be sure you keep this area protected.  Dog should not be allowed around a pool without supervision.  Pool covers are NOT a form of protection. Covers can be deceptive to pets, as they look like a solid surface but can give out and lead to a tragedy.  Consider purchasing a pet alarm such as the Safety Turtle which will alert you if your dog has fallen into the pool.

Having a puppy is a big responsibility – keep them safe and happy!

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