This weekend really marked the end of the school year for me.  It was my daughters’ dance recitals, the culmination of an exciting year for them.  I was, without a doubt, the proud mama sitting in the front row with tears in my eyes.  My fiancée is already worried that if I was this stressed out over a 4 year-old and 7 year-old’s dance recital what I’ll be like at their weddings (I can only imagine!)

But now, I can start concentrating on what we’ve been all talking about for the past two months – our summer vacation to Hershey Park! I’ve never been, but none of us can imagine a more perfect vacation than one that includes tons of chocolate!  

How does the saying go – “getting there is half the fun?”  Well, with five kids in the car I’m not sure about that!  Yes, we will be travelling with five kids ranging from 11 down to 4 for a four hour car ride.  That’s one of the reasons I selected Hershey Park, it didn’t require me paying for 7 airline tickets.  Let’s face it, we all want to save money and a summer vacation is not an inexpensive proposition.  I also wanted to design a vacation that we could all enjoy.  Another thing that I like about Hershey Park is that they put some older kids’ rides next to ones for my littlest so we don’t have to split up.  And, I was concerned about whether this would be a good vacation for Spencer, my oldest who has intellectual disabilities.  We will be celebrating his 12th birthday while we’re there so I wanted this trip to be something extremely special but also safe.  I spoke with people at Hershey and was really impressed with how seriously they take park safety.

So, I’ve decided to bring my community along for my summer vacation (not sure how I’ll pile all of you into my Toyota Sienna!)  I’m going to be chronicalling my entire road trip and time at Hershey Park and Lancaster, PA  (more on that to come!)  I will broadcast my radio show, Keeping It Together With Alison, The Safety Mom,  live from Hershey Park on Wednesday, June 23rd.  And, my kids will be getting in on the action and doing some Flip Video’s ( to post on my YouTube Safety Mom Channel as well as my blog.  And, I’m going to be doing a Twitter party with some great tips on how to have a safe, fun and affordable vacation.

So, stay tuned over the next few weeks as I start gearing up for our vacation.  I’ll be providing some ideas on road trip safety, how to safeguard a hotel room, what to look for in an amusement park and other tips on keeping the entire family healthy and happy this summer!

 Alison Rhodes is the founder of Safety Mom Enterprises and Safety Mom Solutions, the premier baby proofing and child safety company in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.  Alison is a family safety expert, TV personality and consultant. 

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