electrolux-outdoor-kitchen-e57lk60essThe weather is getting warmer and that means the start of grilling season.  Here are some grilling safety tips to keep in mind:

A grill should never be used in a garage on a porch, or under any surface that has the ability to catch fire. The grill should be used away from deck railings and any low hanging braches.  Even if it’s raining you need to keep it in an open area..

Give the grill a good cleaning – especially if it’s the first time using it this year. Grills need to be cleaned frequently to ensure that they are free of grease and fat that can build up and start fires. The griddles and tray underneath should both be cleaned.

All open flames such as matches and lighters should be operated far away from a lit grill. In addition, flammable objects, most notably insect repellant, should be applied safe distance away from a grill in use.

Some grillers use charcoal and others use gas, and with each come specific safety precautions to be taken. Never burn charcoal inside and always let the coals cool completely. Do not store the grill inside with freshly burned coals and be sure to always keep the coals out of the reach of children.

As for gas grills, always be sure to check the hose for kinks or breaks in the line, and if a leak occurs the grill should be discontinued from use until it is fixed. Finally, never attempt to start a fire using the gas of the grill.

The most important thing to remember when utilizing any type of grill is to make certain children and pets maintain a distance of at least three feet from the appliance and to never leave a grill unattended.

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