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Day 1 of Buttoned Up Boot Camp – Detox!

As I’ve mentioned in my Facebook and blog postings, I’m slightly apprehensive to start anything called Boot Camp – especially when it comes to clearing out clutter.  But I was given the opportunity to sign up for Buttoned Up Boot Camp and I figured it was a sign that it’s high time I start getting myself organized.  I readily admit, I could never do this onmy own, I need someone “gently” (OK, kicking my ass) to stick to it.

I’d already put it half out of my mind when I woke up this morning.  My general routine is to get up around 5:30 and check e-mails before the kids get up.  And there it was waiting for me – my first cheery e-mail about my task for the day from the Buttoned Up Boot Camp team. What I like about this program is they let me break it down into small, manageable portions.  As a full-time working mom, time is precious item.  So, everyday, I just need to spend 30 minutes.  I can even set a timer.

Today is Detox – not trying to organize, simply throwing out stuff I don’t use.  They’re even giving me a pass on recycling – just a massive toss.  Considering I couldn’t locate my second slipper this morning since it was buried under a pile of shoes that are old (OK, half are my hubby’s so I’m not going to take the full blame) I figure this is a great place to start!

Stay tuned….


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  1. Hi! I just happened to come across your blog as I was looking for some info on this boot camp!

    How is it going? I’m seriously considering doing this and wanted to sign up for the one on one coaching plan but I had some questions and can’t find an email or place to ask any questions. Sort of seems a bit bizarre so I’m anxious to hear how it’s going?

    I hope to hear you love this program!!!


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