My Daughter’s Ready to Leave – I’m Not

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“Packets Up” Is The Way To Go With Liquid Laundry Packets

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How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Buckling Up And Flying Safe WIth Kids For the Holidays

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!  It seems like yesterday that it was the first day of school.  This weekend kicks off  the busiest travel time of the year and, when you’re travelling with kids, it becomes even more stressful. Whether you’re travelling by car or plane here are some tips on the regulations […]

Child Sleep Safety While On Vacation

Whether your summer vacation will be taking you to Grandma’s or a destination with a hotel stay, you need to think about your child’s sleeping safety before you leave the house. I never was comfortable using hotel cribs since it’s almost impossible to know if they meet current safety standards. I am however, a true […]

Families Traveling Seperately For Safety – To Do or Not To Do?

We are starting to learn more about the victims of Air France flight 447, who they are and the loved ones left behind. One story that is making parents think about travel habits is the family that took separate flights. The mother and son lost their lives while the father and daughter, who travelled seperately, […]

Traveling For The Holidays Just Got Safer For Kids

I've been doing a bunch of TV segments lately on how to keep your kids safer as you're traveling this holiday season.  One of the things that always bothered me is how my daughter, who is very small for her age, goes bouncing around in her booster seat every time we hit a bump.  My […]

Keep It Light For Kids In Car Seats

As I was on my way to Boston the other day I watched my car’s thermometer drop from 12F to 4F and fondly remembered my years in sunny California.  When it’s this cold, all I can think of is wearing thermal fleece and warm wooly coats.  It’s every mom’s natural instinct to bundle her baby […]

Child Safety On the Road – Traveling Safely With Your Toddler

   We all know by now the importance of doing at least some baby proofing at home but what happens when you’re visiting Grandma or another relative?  While it might never be as safe as your own home consider some safety tips before hitting the road this holiday season. Get ready for take-off Getting there […]

You Can Never Take a Vacation From Safety

This past weekend my husband and I took a mini vacation.  When we came out of our hotel room we found a boy who looked to be about five years old standing in the middle of the hall.  When I asked him where his mom and dad were he said that he had left his […]

Amusement Parks – Thrillers or Killers?

Last week a 4 year old boy drowned at an amusement park in Santa Clara, California.  A teenage girl was killed in Wisconsin after falling 40 – 50 ft from a bungee-jumping ride.  And several weeks ago a 13-year old girl had her ankles severed off at a Six Flags in Kentucky.  What’s going on??? […]