My Daughter’s Ready to Leave – I’m Not

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“Packets Up” Is The Way To Go With Liquid Laundry Packets

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How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Teens / College

Do You Know The Signs of Steroid Use?

With the renewed media attention of steroids following the admission by New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez of using performance-enhancing drugs, I thought it was time to make mom's aware of the signs of potential steroid use in their children. (I'll leave my posting on my profound disappointment that our kids are seeing yet another sports […]

Do Kids Really Need To Drive at 16?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety presented recommendations yesterday to the Governor's Highway Safety Association advocating to have the driving age raised to 17 or even 18.  There's good reason for this.  Studies show that the rate of fatal and non-fatal car crashes for every mile driven by a 16-year old is 10 times higher that of […]

Michelle and Hillary – Two role models for our girls

For the past two nights I have sat glued to my TV watching and listening to two incredible women – Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I wish my daughters were a bit older so that they could have stayed up with me and really appreciated what is happening right now.  Michelle echoed the principals I […]

Is The HPV Vaccine Safe?

While my daughters are still too young to receive Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, many of my friend's daughters have and I've naturally paid very close attention to news about this drug.  While the Centers for Disease Control considers Gardasil safe, there have now been close to 10,000 reports of adverse side effects ranging from nausea and […]

Latest MySpace Cyberbullying Victim

This week an 8th grade girl in Florida is missing her graduation.  She's too embarrassed to go because she's afraid she'll be teased about the sexual comments that have been posted on her My Space page.  The problem is, she isn't the one who has been posting these messages.  This little girl is the most […]

Warning of School Threat Spread By Text – Help or Hystera?

There was an article on the cover of USA Today this morning about the power of text messaging in spreading rumors about potential school violence.  Apparently in the past several months many schools have seen wide spread absenteeism after students had used text messages to spread warnings about potential campus shooters, bomb threats and the […]

Toyota’s Teen Driving Program

I remember when I first got my driver’s license  (oh so many years ago!)  I felt invincible.  Just like any other teenager, I felt completley in charge and believed I knew exactly what I was doing.  That is until the first time I drove on a wet, slippery road and spun across three lanes of […]

Moms Beware! Is Your Daughter Playing Miss Bimbo?

I’ve recently been speaking alot about online safety and being aware of what your kids are doing online.  It’s hard for moms to keep up with everything on the Internet so I’ve made it my job to keep moms has informed as possible.  The newest site to pop up is Miss Bimbo.  Yes, it’s as […]