My Daughter’s Ready to Leave – I’m Not

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“Packets Up” Is The Way To Go With Liquid Laundry Packets

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How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Parenting Topics

“Not my kid, not my town, not my problem.”

A scandal is erupting in Rye, NY.  Last week, three high-school juniors were arrested for a hazing  incident involving several eight-grade students, one of whom was hurt so badly he ended up in the hospital.  All three are being charged as adults for hazing and unlawful imprisonment after brutally paddling the younger kids as part […]

Text & Driving: It Can Wait – Check out this infographic for some of the deadly facts on texting and driving

If Your Daughter’s Wearing a Training Bra Should She Know the Easter Bunny Doesn’t Exist?

A word of warning – if you have a child that still believes in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny, be sure they’re not reading over your shoulder! The other night my pre-teen daughter and I had one of “the talks.” I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised at how much […]

10 Ways Parents Can Promote a Healthy Self-Image In Their Children by Dr. Lyndsay Elliott

1. Instill Confidence: When you comment on internal qualities you instill self-assuredness in your child. Use phrases such as, “You are really good at….” Or “You seem to really know…” Reward effort and completion, instead of outcome. 2. Encourage Movement: Find a physical activity that your child enjoys, and focus on how being active makes […]

The unveiling of the first Vicks VapoDad is here

For those of you who were guessing who the Vicks VapoDad is, the time has finally come to reveal his identity. The first official Vicks VapoDad is Drew Brees! Were you right? Drew Brees, Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, husband, and father of two, now adds VapoDad to his title.  Check out the VapoDad’s […]

Who is the Vicks VapoDad and do you have one in your home?*

For the first time ever, Vicks will feature a Vicks VapoDad in their ads. Who is the VapoDad? Well, you’ll have to wait until October 25th to find out but here are some clues: He can be found playing on most Sundays in the fall and can be considered a “Super” dad. So why is […]

Do you REALLY know what’s being served at birthday parties?

Don’t just assume it is the regular fruit punch, pizza, and cake combo at the birthday party. Just recently a tween girl had to be rushed to the emergency room after drinking a Red Bull that was given out at a birthday party. Her blood pressure skyrocketed through the roof after consuming the energy drink. […]

If stress is the Black Death of the 21st century then I’m immunizing my kids NOW

A new report just came out that states that stress is now the leading cause of sickness in the workplace and is so widespread it can be dubbed the “Black Death of the 21st century.” In an article about the report it states that stress has has even eclipsed stroke, heart attack, cancer and […]