As a spokesperson for COX Homelife I have the chance to check out so many smart devices that provide accessibility and for seniors to remain in their home.

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Heather Borden Herve´ is bringing GOOD News back to her community


Recently I joined a women’s small business group in my town.  It started out, as most things do with women these days, with a question I happened to post on our town Facebook page.  I wanted to see if anyone had some marketing tips they wanted to share with me.  Within a day, there were at least eight women entrepreneurs who also had questions.  It became apparent that all of us were looking for business support for our companies and yes, somewhere to commiserate about the challenges of owning our own companies while being mom.   While all of us are at different growth stages for our businesses and our challenges might be different, what struck me is how dedicated and passionate we all are about what we do.  Nothing against men, but there’s something about a mom with a mission that’s truly unstoppable!

So I’ve decided to start highlighting some of the incredible women I meet who are doing amazing things to make this world better, happier, safer and healthier.  I already have a bunch lined up but send in some suggestions about moms you know.

First up is Heather Borden Herve´, editor of GOOD Morning Wilton.  Heather, like so many of us, was tired of reading about violence, natural disasters and just plain nastiness.  Local community sites seem to be filled with criticism and gossip.  Heather wanted to do something different. She wanted a nice community newspaper that focused on the good parts of our community—new businesses, longtime businesses that haven’t gotten as much exposure, profiles of good people to know in Wilton, and things that happen and make news around town and in our schools.

And so, this month Heather launched GOOD Morning Wilton.  As Heather explains, “This was about wanting my kids to see that supporting good news was a way to make the local world around us safer, better and stronger as a community. I wanted to make sure that a main part of that was celebrating kids who do good, who aren’t afraid to step outside what all their peers are doing and stand up for the right and good thing. The category of “Teens Caught doing GOOD” is part of that, for kids who create programs, help others, stand up for what’s right should be celebrated and held up for community accolade, to hopefully encourage role modeling for other kids.”

GOOD Morning Wilton is the kind of news you want to read, with the kind of information you need to know. News that’s reported, written and told by writers who live in this community and who care a great deal about it.

Just as crucial, here’s what you won’t find on GOOD Morning Wilton: There’s no police blotter. Nor will anyone have to slog through news that doesn’t involve Wilton or the people who live here. Most importantly, it’s a news source about the community that respects what the word community means.

Heather’s vision of what a community newspaper should be is something more places should adopt!

stock-footage-the-sunset-over-the-serene-ocean-dv-ntsc-videoAs I awake this morning I’m compelled to turn on the news and see that the horror in Oklahoma continues to rise as more bodies are being discovered.  Like so many of you, I’m left speechless and trying to comprehend the pain and anguish families in this area are experiencing right now.

It does indeed seem as if the man-made tragedies and natural disasters are coming at a faster pace and I sit here questioning what is truly happening in our world.

I question how much to tell my children and even what to tell them.  I know that my 10 YO will hear about this in school from her friends and I’m committed to explaining things to her in my own words, praying that I can give her some sort of comfort when in fact I don’t feel it myself.

There are only two things I know for certain this morning.  First, while all of us are horrified by the tragedy unfolding in Oklahoma, it doesn’t do us any good to remain glued to the TV or internet.  Somehow we must go on with our lives for the sake of our own mental well being but also that of our children.

And secondly, we need to cling to our faith, whatever that faith might be.  My faith has carried me through many dark days as I pray for strength and peace for victim’s families and hope for calmness in an increasingly chaotic world.

Bloomberg Trying to Restrict Baby Formula in NYC Hospitals

The movement towards restricted formula use in 27 New York hospitals has women across the nation angered. It seems that this is almost an insensitive infringement onto the rights women have to feed their newborns formula.

This initiative will keep formula locked up in storage at hospitals in order to better monitor its use and discontinue free infant formula being distributed at the time of discharge, disallow the display of formula promotional materials in hospitals, and ensure the greater implementation of regulations forbidding the use of formula on infants unless medically required.

While breast feeding babies is undoubtedly the healthiest choice, and should always be urged as the first choice, the fact of the matter is that sometimes it just is not physically possible to nurse.

In speaking with other moms and their experiences nursing, it is apparent that many people do, in fact, suffer from desperately yearning to nurse their babies but simply not being able to.

“I knew it was ‘best’ to breast feed so the guilt I felt when I gave up at two weeks was awful,” said one mom about her painful experience – where her nursing attempts were hours long because her son could not latch on. Come to find out, her pediatrician ended up recommending formula because of allergic reactions her baby was having to her breast milk.

Another mom reported the intense pressure she felt in the hospital to breast feed her twin boys upon their birth. “They had the nerve to tell me I was ruining my boys’ lives,” she says of the nurses, sharing that she had a high fever and infection following delivery.

Clearly, in situations like these when mothers have been educated on the benefits of breast feeding and actively attempt to nurse their babies only for it to prove impossible, the criticism from nurses and hospital workers does nothing but catalyze stress and guilt in these new moms.

With that said, what are your thoughts on NYC’s “Latch on NYC” initiative? What have your experiences been with breast feeding, and furthermore, how would you feel if the hospital you birthed your child in had these same rules?

Last week, a high school football coach in Oxford, ME, Paul Withee , resigned after it was discovered he had posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook. Withee had intended for the photo to be posted privately to a personal friend but he accidently made it public. A parent from the school found the photo and notified the school where Withee was also a math and science teacher. When confronted, Withee immediately resigned and took the photo down.

To a certain degree, I feel bad for the guy. He didn’t have any students as friends on his Facebook and it seems he genuinely intended it to be seen by only one person and just made a mistake.

But… a couple of things here. First, does anyone really want to see a nude photo of a middle-aged football coach? OK, maybe if the coach is George Clooney or Brad Pitt but other than that, I have to tell you, I’d be hard pressed to think of anyone who could look good without a lot of photo-shopping.

Secondly, and most importantly – don’t ever, ever, ever, ever post a nude, semi-nude or just plain old embarrassing photo of yourself on any social media page or even send over your phone!!!! OK, even if he was just sending this to one “special friend,” how long is this special friend going to be “special”? Get this friend ticked off for any reason in the future and that photo is everywhere.

Before you snap that photo of “the full monty” stop and ask yourself – “Would I put this photo up on the bulletin board in my local school, church or coffee shop?” If the answer is no, then DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!
Parents, if you can’t figure this out, do you really think your teen is going to understand this? Remember your first love that you were sure was going to last forever and be the one? Yeah, how long did that last??
This poor guy lost a job he probably loved and is embarrassed he has now been the butt (pun intended) of probably a bunch of jokes circulating around the country. I mean, would you want to make national news this way – even if you do want your 5 minutes of fame?

Your teen will probably tell you that they’re smarter than this and they would never make a mistake like this. Well, they will! Here’s the reason to be a prying parent – check their Facebook and other social media pages often. Glance through their phone and texts and see who they’re talking to. The only naked pictures that should exist of your child is when they were a newborn baby – you can whip them out and show their spouse when you want to really embarrass them!

This past week has been incredibly difficult for me professionally.  My integrity and my ethics have been questioned.  I know the old saying “stick and stones…” but words do indeed hurt.

Through my work I have had the incredible good fortune of meeting some amazing people and being introduced to companies that truly have a heart.  Brands that are indeed trying to make a difference and keep families safe and healthy.  And I’m honored to be associated with them.  In this role I appear on television.  Sometimes I am called upon to offer my advice or thoughts on a particular safety issue or recall.  Other times I talk about specific products that can help keep a family safe or make their life a bit easier.  There are times I am compensated by some companies to discuss their product and many times that I am not compensated.   I have never hidden the fact that I am called upon to act as a spokesperson for some products.  I do believe that most people understand this and, when I work on behalf of a company that I believe is making a difference and offering great products, I make sure to explain this.  Regardless, my message is always about ways to keep everyone in the family safe and healthy.

Many of you know why I started down the path to being the Safety Mom.  My first child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and my second has severe intellectual disabilities.  I believe that my path was laid out for me; through every means possible, inform and educate people about children and family safety.   I’ve read hurtful comments as to why this is irrelevant and meaningless.  I have to imagine these comments come from people who have never experienced the pain of seeing their child hurt, bullied or trying to live through their child’s death.

The bottom line is, I intend to continue to focus on what I care about – helping keep kids, families and seniors safe!

I’m sitting here crying as I read the news story of Tyler Dasher, the 13 mos old boy who was killed at the hands of his mother yesterday, 20 year-old Shelby Dasher.  FULL STORY HERE

I wonder what goes through the mind of a mother who could kill her own child.  I cry in anger for this heinous and callous act when I lost my own child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and, like many other bereaved parents  would give their own life to get back their precious baby.  

And I sit here in sadness wondering what is happening in this world when every day we hear about “missing” babies who most likely were also killed by their parents and adults who sexually molest young children.  Who is protecting these children?!?!!?!?  What is wrong with these people?!?!!?! 

I’m really not sure what path our world is taking but I worry tremendously for our future. And I hug my kids just a little bit closer tonight as I say a prayer for Tyler Dasher.