5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy Moms

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A Birthday Message to my 50-Some-Odd Year-Old Self

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How to make your windows safer for your toddler

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Media addicted Tweens and Teens? Why You Should Follow Your Kids

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Health & Wellness

Forbe’s Most Powerful Women Demonstrate We’re Changing The World, by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

The Safety Mom Forbe’s  just released their list of the most powerful women in the world and the one thing it demonstrates is that we’re making a difference socially and culturally.  Women of different cultures, ethnicities and sexual orientation dominated the top 10 spots.  Yes, these women may have “earned” their spot on this list […]

Huggies Launches Every Little Bottom to help ensure every baby has enough diapers by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom It’s hard to imagine that in the United States, but 1 in 3 mothers struggle to provide diapers for their babies. Some of them have to decide between paying utility bills and making sure that their babies have this basic item. I can’t imagine what it feels like for a mother […]

Thoughts on how to help grieving parents by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom Today is the 13th anniversary of my beautiful baby boy Connor leaving earth and going back to heaven. On August 5th, 1997 he died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I was explaining to someone yesterday that, while it gets easier, it changes you forever. His anniversary sometimes creeps up on […]

Keeping Germs Away From The Nursery, by Alison Rhodes, Safety Mom Solutions

Two friends recently were hit badly by a stomach bug.  That is always the worst but, when you’re trying to care for a baby at the same time, it’s a downright nightmare!  And inevitably the bug starts travelling through the house and before you know it, everyone’s down for the count.  I just received some […]

Who’s “The Biggest Loser”? Jillian Michaels Without A Doubt! By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom I must admit that up until this week I never really followed the show “The Biggest Loser” or really knew who Jillian Michaels was.  But now I do.  Clearly she is a person with serious issues – low self esteem and delusions of grandeur to start with. I guess we all […]

Phil Mickelson’s Shining Example of Gratitude by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom I received this e-mail today from a friend who had received it from someone else. I’ve desperately tried to find out who wrote it so that I could give proper credit but I couldn’t. So, to whomever originally wrote this, my deepest apologies for not crediting you. But, this was so […]

Happy Birthday Connor! Celebrating the life of my SIDS baby – by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom Today, my baby would have become a teenager. Connor died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 1997. He was 3 mos. and 24 days old. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and feel his presence next to me. I went on to have […]

The Lessons I’ve Learned This Week That Have Kept Me Sane – by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

By The Safety Mom It’s Sunday morning and I’m hiding out trying to just start my day as focused as I can.  I know that I need to “walk the walk.”  I preach constantly about how a happy mommy is a happy family and that I really need to take care of myself.  Easier said […]