As a spokesperson for COX Homelife I have the chance to check out so many smart devices that provide accessibility and for seniors to remain in their home.

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I’m amazed at how many of my friends are to the point of an emotional breakdown trying to “get ready for Christmas.”  Even the phrase makes me laugh as it’s usually said with as much alarm as “getting ready for a snowstorm.”   There’s no doubt that this mass frenzy is imposed on us by retailers and the media.  And so, people race from store to store, buying gifts that will be forgotten in a few months, decorating the house and baking more cookies than anyone should eat in a year – all to create that elusive “picture-perfect Christmas.”

Until this year, I fell into that category as well.  I had list upon list of things that needed to get done.  I found myself snapping at the kids and my husband because I was so tense trying to make everyone happy for Christmas.  The image of Ellen Griswold from Christmas Vacation, desperately sneaking a cigarette in the kitchen as she’s trying to cope with her family always comes to mind.  This past Christmas, I hit my breaking point.  My uncle and cousin’s husband were both in the hospital, one dying of cancer, the other nearly dying from a case of MRSA he contracted in the hospital.  My mother was completely freaked out with stress dealing with my dad who has Alzheimer’s on Christmas Eve and then, I ended up at Urgent Care with him on Christmas Day for issues related to his diabetes.  I swore to myself I would never, EVER have a Christmas like that again.  In fact, I realized then that I needed to change the way I was coping with life every day of the year.

So I made some serious commitments that ended up changing my life and making me happier, healthier and more peaceful.   Here’s what they are:

I visualize – Regardless of what I’m dealing with right now, I focus on the way I want life to be and I see myself living it.

I pray – Prayer works.  And, with social media, asking for the prayers of friends makes it even stronger.  But, there’s a way to pray.  Praying to win a million dollars isn’t it.  Rather I pray for guidance, strength, peace and acceptance.

I breathe – I know that sounds strange but have you ever noticed when you’re stressed your entire body tenses up?  Practice taking 5 deep inhalations and exhalations while you’re sitting at a traffic light, in a meeting or whenever you need to release tension.

I meditate – Meditation can take many forms and can be done in as little as 5 minutes although the longer the better.  Some of the top CEO’s in the country attribute meditation to their success which is not surprising since studies have linked it to a decrease in blood pressure, reduction of chronic pain and the increase in circulation.

matan-cohen-citronI practice yoga – Often, I don’t have enough time for an entire yoga class so I practice for 10 minutes at home.  Even this small bit makes a complete difference in how I feel throughout the day.  But, when I can do a class, I’ve had the good fortunate of finding a yoga instructor who makes everyone feel at ease whether they’re a novice or more experienced.  The last thing anyone wants is to be stressed by a class that is supposed to be de-stressing you!

I realized this past week that I’m different this year.  I’m lighter and happier.  I’m not on edge and I’m certainly not stressed about “being ready for Christmas.”   I’m better able to deal with situations and stay calm.

So, here’s the question:


Join me and yoga instructor Matan Cohen-Citron for a life-changing half-day retreat to learn how to become happier, healthier and in control of your own life.


ReservationtoEvent3Last night I met a group of my friends who are a part of a women’s entrepreneur group for a drink.  We all had different stories, some were divorced, some married, some on our second marriages, some empty-nesters.

As I looked around the restaurant in my small town, I realized the entire place was filled with groups of women like us.  There wasn’t a man in the place.  I knew some of the women at the other tables and learned they were out with their tennis group or “Newcomers Group.”

There was a sense of energy in the restaurant.  We were not women looking to get drunk or meet men.  Our energy was derived from the shared experiences and community of other like-minded women.

I can’t speak for the male mind (although we certainly tried) as to why you don’t often see entire restaurant’s filled with  just men unless, of course, it’s a sport’s bar and they’re watching a game.  As one of my friends said “unless there’s a bat and ball in the mix, most likely they wouldn’t be together like this.”

Each of us had a story to share about our lives.  We were looking for validation, connections and suggestions.  We started talking about the importance of living your own truth and how, sometimes, we allow spouses, siblings and colleagues to deviate us from our own path to happiness.    That’s why our group first came together – as female entrepreneurs we needed support, advice and community.  And isn’t that really why Facebook is so popular among women of this age?  Unlike our teens, we’re not posting photos of what we ate or what we’re wearing.  We’re asking for prayers for someone in our life who’s ill, we’re sharing stories that touched us and we’re reaching out for connection.

As women, we crave connection and we’re also trying to gain inner strength.  All of us sitting at that bar last night had so many other things to do, but each of us said, no matter what, we were coming out to meet for at least one drink.  We were a determined group because we knew, intuitively that we needed the company of one another to give us the strength that was being drained out of us by family and work obligations.

In January I’m hosting my first “What About Me?” event to help women rediscover their inner strength.  I’m bringing together a team of incredible people to help women learn how to find peace and joy amidst the chaos of everyday life.  I’ll share with you powerful techniques to become self-confident and manage the stressors that prevent us realizing our full potential. 



Our daily lives seem to be centered around making everyone else’s life run smoothly in our family.   Isn’t it time to take a day to make your life happy and successful?   I can’t wait to see you on January 23rd!

1st Annual Special Needs Fair and Bone Marrow Drive this Sunday at the Wilton YMCA

If you are the parent of a special needs child in the Fairfield County area, come by the Wilton YMCA this Sunday, May 20th, from  1- 4P to get the latest information on health care, new treatments, education, community support, nutrition and planning for your child’s future.

There will be activities for the kids, prizes, crafts and food along with swimming and yoga. National family safety expert Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, will also be speaking at 3:30P on Protecting Your Child from Cyberbullying.

Admission is free and the event is being sponsored by The Brain Balance Center and Safety Mom Enterprises.

At the same time, the Wilton YMCA will be hosting a Bone Marrow Drive to help a little 6-year old named Colin.  During 9-11, Colin’s father risked his life to save others and now he needs help saving his son’s life.  Colin has had to endure chemotherapy because he has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant.  On Sunday, you can register to become a donor and help Colin and other children like him. For additional information you can visit

The Wilton YMCA is located at 404 Danbury Rd., Wilton, CT.  For additional information, please contact Gloria Bass at 203-762-8384 x207 or



Living in the suburbs of New York City, I often take the kids into the city for sightseeing and other things. Invariably the first question out of there mouth is “Can we visit the Hershey Store?”  While my first thoughts usually go to shoe shopping, I must admit a visit to a chocolate store is often on my list as well!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Hershey’s® Chocolate World® Times Square has added the “Wrap Hershey’s Happiness” experience, where you can create your own personalized wrapper for a Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Wrapper designs include Times Square themes as well as seasonal options.   You also have the opportunity to include a photo and personalized message.  Wha’s really neat is that if you decide to  add a photo to your customized wrapper, you will can see your completed design on the store’s outdoor marquee in the heart of Times Square.   And, if you cannot make it to the store, you can create your personalized wrappers online at

Other new happenings at the store include the “Taste Hershey’s Happiness™” station, which will feature different Hershey’s samples, including ew products and special offerings and the ‘Mix Your Favorites” experience, where you can create a customized mix of Hershey’s® Miniatures, Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates and Reese’s® Miniatures candy.

The Hershey Company is also giving back throught the “Share Hershey’s Happiness” program and you can help decide how the money is allocated.  Anyone who makes a purchase at the Times Square store will receive a wooden token, which can be used to vote for the following supported charities: the Children’s Miracle Network, the United Way and the World Cocoa Foundation. The Hershey Company will donate funds to each organization based on the percentage of votes that each receives.

For more information on Hershey’s Chocolate World Times Square and the new experiences, visit


While it seems as if everyone is asking us to make a donation, Toyota and Toys for Tots has created a way for us to do it that takes just two minutes of your time and costs nothing! Thanks to the More Prius, More Room to Give campaign, running from now until December 10th, consumers are able to help contribute this holiday season without spending a dime, or even heading to a toy store. 

By visiting and with a simple click of the mouse button, consumers can virtually place a toy of their choice in a Prius v, in turn, helping to deliver toys to children in need during the holidays. 

For every click and every Prius v filled, Toyota will purchase a toy – up to $100,000 worth – for Toys for Tots.  Every child deserves a toy at Christmas so please help – it’s easy and affordable.


Food Network chefs Anne Burrell and Geoffrey Zakarian are competing in the Frigidaire Double or Nothing Holiday Challenge to create the biggest and best holiday feast using the Frigidaire Gallery Range with Symmetry Double Oven.

Check out the Frigidaire facebook page to watch the chefs at work and vote for your favorite chef. Why vote? You will be helping families in need! For every vote Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children. Not to mention you are also entered for a chance to win the new range! Lets be honest, who wouldn’t want the new range?! Hurry up and vote! Voting ends December 2! 

Don’t worry, Frigidaire offers visitors another chance to win the new range beginning December 2nd through January 31st. All you have to do is check out the new menu creations from each chef and vote for your favorite. 

So, vote, look at some new holiday menu creations, be apart of a good cause, and who knows maybe you’ll win the new range!

Invites You to Enjoy a “Mommy & Me” Day


October 19th 10:30AM – 12:00AM 

6 Soundview Avenue

Norwalk, CT


 Enjoy a free tumbling class for children aged 18 months – 4 years    

Learn the latest on baby proofing & child safety

Check out great products that are good for your family & the enviroment     


All attendees will receive:


50% off coupon for a home safety consultation from Safety Mom Solutions


Free trial class plus an additional 10% for signing up for an Xtreme Cheer class that day!





For more information contact: 


Mike & Dana Talbot

(203) 273-9161