sideoftheroadBeing a caregiver I’m allowed to say this – it’s exhausting!!!  Caregiver burnout should be a recognized medical condition – one that there’s meds for.  Oh wait – there are some – anti-anxiety and anti-depressants… and I highly recommend them.  But sometimes you need more.  Sometimes you need girlfriend conversation and sometimes you need escape.  I made up a little Dr. Seuss-like poem about it;

Will I hide in my room

Or a closet behind a broom

Will I hide in the bathroom by the light of the moon? 

When you’re a caregiver it’s almost impossible to hide. You’re on call virtually around the clock.  And, when that care giving includes little kids, they seem to be able to find you where ever you go.  It’s as if they put a GPS tracker on you.  Sometimes   you just need a little pity party.  Talking to a girl friend who really gets it.  But let’s be real – unless they’re a caregiver themselves do they really get it?  Highly unlikely.   One of my inspirational readings suggested that whenever I feel like this I should get physical and do something.  So, with this in mind I set out for a walk this afternoon.  But pretty quickly I realized I didn’t want to walk.  I just wanted to sit.  Anywhere.  And I didn’t care how strange I looked.  I just wanted to sit by the side of the road in peace and quiet and smell the fresh air and look at the blue sky.    And you know what?  That did it!  After a mere 10 minutes I was able to go back home and get back to being a caregiver.

What do you do when you need peace and quiet?  Where do you escape to?  Share some ideas that we can all learn from…


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