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An open letter from The Safety Mom

This past week has been incredibly difficult for me professionally.  My integrity and my ethics have been questioned.  I know the old saying “stick and stones…” but words do indeed hurt.

Through my work I have had the incredible good fortune of meeting some amazing people and being introduced to companies that truly have a heart.  Brands that are indeed trying to make a difference and keep families safe and healthy.  And I’m honored to be associated with them.  In this role I appear on television.  Sometimes I am called upon to offer my advice or thoughts on a particular safety issue or recall.  Other times I talk about specific products that can help keep a family safe or make their life a bit easier.  There are times I am compensated by some companies to discuss their product and many times that I am not compensated.   I have never hidden the fact that I am called upon to act as a spokesperson for some products.  I do believe that most people understand this and, when I work on behalf of a company that I believe is making a difference and offering great products, I make sure to explain this.  Regardless, my message is always about ways to keep everyone in the family safe and healthy.

Many of you know why I started down the path to being the Safety Mom.  My first child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and my second has severe intellectual disabilities.  I believe that my path was laid out for me; through every means possible, inform and educate people about children and family safety.   I’ve read hurtful comments as to why this is irrelevant and meaningless.  I have to imagine these comments come from people who have never experienced the pain of seeing their child hurt, bullied or trying to live through their child’s death.

The bottom line is, I intend to continue to focus on what I care about – helping keep kids, families and seniors safe!

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