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Who Knew Vicks VapoRub Can Help Headaches??

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that on any given day I feel completely overwhelmed.  When I’m working I feel like I’m short-changing my kids and when I’m playing with my kids I’m thinking of the deadline that I’m missing.  Oh yeah, then let’s throw in trying to help my mom deal with my dad who has Alzheimers, finding the best therapies for my son with special needs, cleaning the house, cooking meals and spending a little time with my fiancée.  My brain sometimes feels like a pressure cooker that’s about to explode.

There’s really not much that I can do to ease the tension, but I recently learned that Vicks VapoRub can actually help relieve headaches.  I had never even considered using it for anything other than relieving my kids’ cough!  So now, I escape to my bedroom (and yes sometimes even sit in the car), put a little on my temples and forehead and it almost immediately starts reducing the pain and pressure.  The aroma helps calm me down as well.  Who knew??!

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  1. I know the post is old but I was wondering if someone else does this too haha.
    Vick VapoRub is awesome against headaches. What I do is this:

    1. Apply it over my forehead and my temples
    2. turn off the lights
    3. Place a small towel over the area I applied the Vick VapoRub
    4. Rest for about 30 mins (sometimes more, sometimes less)

    The idea of using a towel is to keep the vapors from scaping and feel the cooling effect even more. My mother taught me this n_____n

  2. Total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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