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VTech CareLine Phone for Seniors

I’ve become an emotional wreck worrying about my parent’s safety.  There needs to be a support group for adult children scared to death that their aging parent is going to fall, or incur an injury in some other manner.    I know I’m not alone in my concern.  With 10,000 people turning 65 years of age every day, our society is aging and becoming more vulnerable.  In fact 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 65 will experience a fall this year and falls are the leading cause of injury and death for seniors.

While aging-in-place is the goal for most seniors, how do you, as the adult child, insure sure they’re safe?  The primary issue is to be sure they have a connection to the outside world in case there’s an emergency.  One senior safety product that just hit the market is the Careline™ Home Safety Telephone System” from VTech.  I had the opportunity to check it out this week and there are several aspects that I like:


      • Portability – Most of our parents have their phones attached to their wall or sitting on a table.  In reality, it’s important that a cordless
        phone be situated on the floor so if the person falls they can reach the phone.  The Careline System allows for 12 devices to be connected which means there can be a cordless phone in every room.  Be sure there’s one in the bathroom, bedroom and at the bottom of staircases, the most likely places a senior will experience a fall.
      • Ease of use – As people age, their fine motor skills as well as their vision diminish.  The Careline System not only has oversized buttons but allows you to have four pre-programmed numbers with photos of the person on them.  No more trying to remember a number, just press the button for a caregiver, neighbor and even emergency responders.
      • Emergency pendant – The VTech Careline System comes with an oversized pendant with the buttons to reach the four pre-programmed emergency contacts.  What I particularly like about this pendant is that, unlike similar products, this can also be snapped onto a belt, pants or jackets and doesn’t necessarily need to be worn around the person’s neck.

The VTech Careline Home Safety Telephone System is not a monitoring system so there’s no monthly fee.  It retails for $119.95 and can be purchased online or at Radio Shack.  The system comes with a base unit, one cordless phone and the pendant but up to 12 other phones or pendants can be added so both mom and dad could have a pendant if necessary.  For the price, it’s a great phone system that also gives you a little peace of mind. You can get more information at their site,

I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign by on behalf VTech Communications, Inc. and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated within are my own.




  1. Hello there, Safety Mom! What a great idea, the CareLine phone system. I am very impressed with your description and information for aging parents. I usually stop by to read your parenting topics, but today I am delighted you also posted something relevant to the other half of my life. I am interested in the CareLine phone and especially like that the pendant does not have to be worn around the neck where it can get in the way. Thank you for sharing, Much Love, Fondly, Robin

  2. I am the adult that my son worries about. I hear you loud and clear

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