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Vision Screening in Children

For more information on Dr. Neely’s eye kits, please visit by clicking on the image.

A recent statistic stating that 23million children have eye problems – a staggering number – has spiked my interest in eye care and vision screening for kids.

Especially since 95% of eye problems can be corrected and treated if detected early, it is vital to understand the value of having your children’s sight checked regularly.

Daniel E. Neely, MD, who treats children in his pediatric ophthalmology clinic for a wide range of vision problems, has recently developed a screening kit for the American Academy of Ophthalmology Leadership Development Program. There are technically two kits, one that is just the basics and one containing the basics plus some supplemental tools. Both kits have been designed to allow  school nurses or primary care physicians to perform a quick yet accurate pediatric vision screenings. Both kits come with instructions on use as well as CDs with information of vision screenings.

“It’s important to identify eye disorders in children at an early age to avoid lifelong visual impairment,” Dr. Neely said. “Vision screening for children is a low-cost, efficient way to identify children who could be at risk for developing serious visualimpairments.”

Finally, Dr. Neely has made the reasons that screenings are important clear:

  • Vision problems are frequently not noticeable to parents.
  • Many children cannot report a vision problem unless it is sudden, as they are unaware that something is wrong.
  • Pain is often not a side effect of vision problems.
  • Undiagnosed or untreated vision problems can result in vision loss.
  • Early treatment gives children the best opportunity for good eyesight as an adult.

For more information on vision screenings for children as well as Dr. Neely’s kits, please visit the AAPOS website.


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