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The importance of anti-virus software and Webroot

Disclaimer – I have a material and/or financial connection because I received a gift, sample of a product and/or compensation for consideration in preparing to write this content. All opinions stated within are my own.

Regardless of how technically savvy you are, the chance of your computer getting corrupted by a virus at some point is pretty high.  Who hasn’t clicked on an e-mail or a website assuming it was safe only to realize too late you’ve been hacked? Watching helplessly as your computer seems to take on a life of its own has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world.

The inconvenience of being without your computer or device for a day or so is bad enough but for victims of identity theft it literally can take year to recover.  Social security numbers, credit card information, bank records and other sensitive information can mean years of legal battles with creditors and even the IRS.

Many of my friends who had Macs used to be quite smug and insist that Macs can’t get viruses but, while it’s less common than for PCs, it does indeed happen.

Even more concerning is the trend of hacking into smartphones.  It’s not just celebs who are finding their compromising photos splashed across blogs but every day people who lose sensitive data stored inside, including contacts, places visited and e-mails to hackers.  This should be especially concerning to parents as their child’s location and school information can be obtained by a hacker.

I’ve come to realize how important it is to have anti-virus protection on your computer but I never thought about my mobile device.  I was approached by the company Webroot to check out their product and that’s how I learned about this.

The greatest difference about Webroot from other anti-virus software is that it’s cloud-based and uses proprietary technology that can categorize and identify new threat within a few minutes of their introduction to the internet.

By using the cloud, Webroot can actually stop new viruses the second they’re released instead of after getting an update.

Webroot is designed to identify and eliminate all threats and malware attacks that you might face, and includes additional features specifically designed to protect your online banking credentials, identity, and personal information. The most common types of threats that Webroot will protect you from are:

» Identity Theft: Webroot secures the personal information and login credentials that you store on your computer.

» Malware: Malware is short for malicious software, or any kind of program that will attack your computer or try to steal your personal information including viruses, Trojans, ransomware, worms, and spyware, among others.

» Phishing: Phishing attacks occur when cybercriminals trick a computer user into entering their confidential information (such as account numbers, passwords, addresses, and other sensitive data) into a website that looks authentic but is actually a carefully-constructed fake.

It’s easy to install onto your computer and your phone and doesn’t take forever when it’s going through an update.  Learn more at Webroot.



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