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#TechGifts Info Twitter Party

Kids’ holiday wish lists have changed a lot over the years.  Even 5 year-olds are asking for tech gadgets, whether it’s a phone, tablet, iTouch or the hottest one of all this season, the new Nintendo Wii U.  But before you run out to buy the “gotta have” this year, join us for a Twitter Party to discuss what parents need to know about all of these tech gadgets from safety to savings.  If you’ve ever opened up your credit card bill and found a charge for some app your child accidently downloaded or from that “free” app that that you need to buy upgrades for in order to play or learned that your son was playing games online with some “friend” half-way around the world, you know what I mean.

Let’s face it – most of our kids know how to use our smart phones and tablets better than we do.  Now’s the chance to learn some important tips on how to control their spending and monitor their activities.

When – Wednesday, November 28th  2:00 – 3:00 ET

Our Sponsor FamZee, a new app for tracking your teens whereabouts and viewing their mobile usage allowing you to get alerts, send warnings and set rules for device usage.

Hashtag – #TechGifts

Prizes – Three lucky winners will receive a $50 Amazon card & a year subscription to FamZee!  Be sure to be a FamZee FaceBook fan to be eligible to win.

RSVP – Not necessary, just come and join!


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