Bicycle Safety Tips for Children

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Planning a family vacation with a special needs child

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Grilling Safety Tips

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Nutrition Tips for baby boomers

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Speaking Engagements

Alison Rhodes is a dynamic, engaging and energetic speaker who captivates audiences with her insight into the safety and wellness issues facing every family.  Whether speaking at large corporate gatherings, conferences or local parents groups, Alison connects with her audience in a down-to-earth manner, leaving audience members laughing and sometimes crying but always more aware of the dangers we all face. 

As the mom of four kids and step-mom to another four, Alison’s “been there and done that” (or rather “seen this and wiped that”.)   Alison also understands personal tragedy.  In 1997 she lost her first son to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Her eldest has intellectual disabilities which has also thrown her into the frustrating world of special needs.  She also has a parent with Alzheimer’s and a husband with Multiple Sclerosis so she understands all too well balancing the role of caregiver and working mom.  Alison frequently appears on local and national television shows including The Today Show, Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, CNN International, CNBC Squawk Box and The Doctors.    

Topics for Presentations

  • The Bully’s Left The Playground – The Reality of Cyberbullying: What Every Parent Must Know
  • Congratulations, You’re a Parent! ….Now What? Baby Safety 101
  • Parenting Your Parent – The Challenging of Caring For Your Aging Parent
  • “Textual Harassment” – Dating Abuse in the Digital Age
  • Hey- Where Did I Go? Caring For Yourself While Caring For Your Family


People who have heard Alison speak have this to say:

Alison is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with!  From our first interaction until her speaking engagement here in Rochester, I was amazed at how easy it was to work with Alison.  Alison is an expert on EVERYTHING related to keeping your family safety and VERY passionate about it too!  I was blown away (and even took some notes) with Alison’s public speaking skills and abilities.  She is engaging and energetic and we are still receiving thank you’s and compliments on our event and choice of key note speakers.  If you have the chance to have Alison speak at your event, I highly recommend doing so.

Stephanie Schifano
Regional Marketing Manager
Frontier Communications


As a father of 2 and one who donates quite a bit of time to youth development and safety, what can I say about Alison after experiencing her present live?  Simple, she is a Safety Crusader!  Whether the family member is an infant, a teen or a senior, Alison has answers and suggestions to best keep them safe environmentally, physically and even mentally through tough love tactics.   She has pushed herself to understand the roles of parents, care providers, product manufacturers, etc. and brings highly useful research and tips for keeping your family safe in this incredibly fast changing and challenging world of parenting.   Way to go Alison!

Kurt Karshick, Dad of 2