Why the reactions to the Nationwide ad and #makesafehappen are great!

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CPSC Provides TV Topple Over Prevention Tips

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Nationwide wants to help you to Make Safe Happen

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COX Home Life – Early Warning Against My Flooded Basement

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Safety Chronicles

Who knew Lancaster, PA could be so much fun? By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, founder of Safety Mom Solutions

This time next week I’ll be with my family down in Lancaster, PA – www.padutchcountry.com.  Somehow, even though I grew up in New York, I never took a family vacation there.  Quite frankly, I didn’t really know that they had much to offer.  Boy was I wrong!  I’ve been working with some of the people […]

Would you let your 16 year old sail around the world alone? By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, founder of Safety Mom Solutions

By The Safety Mom I was sitting at O’Hare airport last night when a man turned to me with his computer and said, “Would you let your 16 year-old sail around the world alone?” I thought he was joking. Then he showed me the headlines. Ah yes, another subject for my parenting hall of fame. […]

Hershey Park, here we come! By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, founder of Safety Mom Solutions

This weekend really marked the end of the school year for me.  It was my daughters’ dance recitals, the culmination of an exciting year for them.  I was, without a doubt, the proud mama sitting in the front row with tears in my eyes.  My fiancée is already worried that if I was this stressed […]

Things to discuss with your teen before the prom – by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, Founder of Safety Mom Solutions

Prom season is upon us and, good or bad, it will be a memorable time for our kids.  There’s so much anticipation and usually stress associated with the prom, from what to wear to whom to go with.  It’s also expensive and time consuming for the parents!  My good friend is hosting pre-prom for her […]

Today is National Missing Children’s Day – Talk to your kids about abduction! By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, founder of Safety Mom Solutions

Today is National Missing Children’s Day.  It was first proclaimed by Ronald Reagan in 1983.  It’s so sad that we even had to have such a day created but the reality is that,  according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, about 2,200 children go missing each day in the United States, or […]

National Speak Up for Education and Kids Campaign Guest – Blogger Sharon Silver

I, like so many others are frustrated with what it’s taking to put our economy back in balance. I do think that as a nation there are several things we can do to make sure things don’t get too out of hand. One of those things is to please show support of teachers on May […]

My kids education is my full time job – by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, founder of Safety Mom Solutions

Week 1 is finally over for Spencer at his new school.  I really felt for the kid – it’s so hard to start a new school let alone two in a matter of a few weeks.  I’m not sure who was more nervous, me or him.  But I felt so good about this school even […]

Tons of Students- but wait…. Where are the teachers? By Louise Sattler

The followig has been reposted with permission from Louise Sattler. I have heard rumblings for a few months now about multiple states that were getting ready to do the unthinkable- cut the numbers of teachers within their school districts. I kept thinking that could not be at all possible until I had a recent visit […]

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