JPMA Baby Show Innovation Awards Winners

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Blue Whale Challenge – What Every Parent Needs to Know Today!

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Going back to work? 7 things you should ask every daycare provider

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Newest Baby Gear – Vote for the “Must-Have” Pick Awards

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Safety Chronicles

Vision Screening in Children

For more information on Dr. Neely’s eye kits, please visit by clicking on the image. A recent statistic stating that 23million children have eye problems – a staggering number – has spiked my interest in eye care and vision screening for kids. Especially since 95% of eye problems can be corrected and treated if […]

Are we raising wimpy spoiled kids?

“Life isn’t fair.”  I can’t tell you how many times I heard those words from my mom as I was growing up.  I was definitely not one of those spoiled only children.  I had chores when I was 6.  When I turned 16 I was told if I wanted a car I would have to […]

What about the parents of James Holmes?

The Colorado massacre is horrific beyond words.  There are so many grieving family members and, I’m sure, in that group is James Holmes own parents.  I heard one victims’ family state that they in no way blame his parents and that they too much be grieving.  While their son might be alive, he’s gone forever.  […]

Elder Care Issues and the Presidential Election

 Why Elder Care Should Concern the Baby Boomers   With the presidential election looming, issues such as assistance for elder care, the costs of assisted living and prescription medication costs for seniors are hot topics.  Maybe they were in the last election as well but I wouldn’t know.  That wasn’t a part of my life.  […]

A Lesson in Back to School Driving

Each year, we send our children back to school, reminding them to watch out for traffic and in the case of teens, to drive safely.  The after school hours have become one of the most dangerous times for school aged children.  In fact, 55% of fatal crashes occur between 3 and 7 p.m. and the fall […]

The Benefits of Ranch Style Homes

Why the ranch style homes of the 60’s are making a come back Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as Boomers are looking for more accessible living design, are regaining  their popularity due to the range of benfits that ranch style homes offer families. Defined by a long, typically one story, […]

When Did Food Stop Being Fun?

There’s a fine line we walk as parents in trying to be sure that our kids eat healthy and being overly preoccupied with every morsel that goes into their mouths.  Yes, we want to be sure that their entire diet doesn’t consist of fast food and candy but does that mean that any little indulgence […]

Boomers Divorce Rate at All Time High

Divorce rate shows longevity and definition of marriage changes things A new study from Bowling Green State University shows the divorce rate for people 50 and older more than doubled over the last 20 years.  Experts point to many reasons for this but two contributing factors are that boomers are living longer and the expectations […]

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