Pool Safety Tips for a Safe Summer

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Dry Drowning – Learn to Recognize the Warning Signs

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Cruising with Disabilities – Planning My Summer Vacation

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JPMA Baby Show Innovation Awards Winners

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Safety Chronicles

Caring for the Caregiver

Three Books That Helped Me Find Peace, Happiness and Strength Every day, upon hearing my life circumstances, people ask me “How do I manage?”   After my divorce, subsequent financial ruin and my new husband’s diagnosis of MS (on top of the other challenges that already existed in my life such as a son with severe intellectual […]

Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

This is a great product for any caregiver! Several years ago, during the early stages of my dad’s Alzheimer’s, I remember my frustration when my mom would allow him to go out for walks unsupervised.  When I explained my concern that dad would one day forget how to get home, she breezily answered that “he […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Helps Seniors Avoid Social Isolation

As more seniors opt to age in place, the challenge becomes how to keep them connected to family and friends and avoid social isolation, which leads to depression and physical decline. The first tech item a senior should have is a reliable and easy-to-use smart phone.  Traditional land lines can go down during a storm […]

Kate & William – Did you miss the lesson on car seat safety!?!?!?!

I’m as caught up in the arrival of the new baby prince as much as anyone.  I just started scanning pics as they were leaving the hospital and let out a scream when I came across this one!  What the hell are they thinking?!!?!?  Not only is the car seat straps positioned incorrectly, it doesn’t […]

Signs of relapse after rehab – what families need to know

While the cause of death for Corey Monteith has not been confirmed, what is known is that he has struggled with substance abuse issues for many years and had entered rehab in April to get help. Corey’s death is tragic but he is just one of so many people in this country with abuse issues who […]

Caregiver Support & Advice – 5 things to do in 5 minutes to release stress

I often do speaking engagements at caregiver support groups about caring for the caregiver.  As a caregiver for three generations of men in my life plus caring for my other children and trying to manage my business, I get stressed out — A LOT!  Also my “me” time is extremely limited.  But I coach other […]

Caregiver Support and Advice

Being a friend and having friendships changes when you’re a caregiver.  It’s never been easy for me to let go of friendships that, for one reason or another, have run their natural course.  It’s even harder for me when I need to actively let go of friendships because the person can’t understand or accept the […]

Backyard Summer Safety Tips Courtesy of Travelers

Travelers list of  five ways to accident-proof your backyard this summer from their Prepare and Prevent site. While brainstorming what food to serve, how to decorate and who to invite to your next backyard BBQ this summer, it is important that homeowners remember the most critical aspect of having guests: keeping them safe. With summer in […]

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