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Do you feel sad or trapped in a relationship and unsure how to move forward?

Are you overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities on your plate?

Have you lost sight of your dreams and what YOU want out of life?

Are you struggling to build your business or take it to the next Level?

I know, I was there!


I’ve lived through the four “Big D’s” – death, disability, divorce and debt.  I’m the caregiver to my husband with Multiple Sclerosis, my son with intellectual disabilities and my two neuro-typical daughters. I lost my first child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I lived through a divorce that financially ruined me and required me to rebuild my business from the ground up.

Not only did I succeed, but I discovered how to create a life that is happy, abundant and peaceful. I developed systems that made my family a team and allowed me to follow my passion while enjoying my life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur. What’s more, I learned how to appreciate ME!

Now I’m helping other women discover how to become self-confident, reshape their lives and fulfill their dreams!

Imagine a life in which: 

  • You wake up every morning excited about your job and life

  • You’re courageous and empowered to live life on your terms to be happy

  • You attract opportunities that match your desires

  • Your family works together as a team

  • You have supportive and nurturing relationships

  • You’re confident and successful!

  • You’re more efficient and able to relax while enjoying work/life balance



What is a life coach? 

A life coach is someone who can help you figure out what’s holding you back and preventing you from living the life you want. We’ll work together on a step-by-step action plan to create a path that allows you to enjoy a happy, peaceful and abundant life and reach your full potential personally and professionally. The answers lie inside of you – I help you to really listen to your “gut,” and take the steps to make the necessary changes. 


Who should work with a life coach? 

Many people benefit from working with a life coach. I specifically focus on:

  • Women coping with or considering life after divorce and creating a “new normal”

  • Women entrepreneurs who want to focus and grow their business

  • Overwhelmed moms who want to manage stress and regain control

  • Boomers defining the next chapter in their lives

  • Caregivers struggling with life balance issues


Is a life coach right for me?

Usually it’s takes a major jolt or life-altering circumstance for someone to be ready to work with a coach.

If you’re really ready to commit to making some changes in your life in order to be happier, self-confident and experience more abundance, then you’re ready to work with me.

But it requires genuine commitment without limitations. Just wishing for change doesn’t make it happen. Motivation is important but it can ebb and flow. Steady action is what brings about success and that’s why it requires you to do the work. You’ve got to want it and be willing to work for it. No excuses from you and no judgments from me.

How long does it take to see results?

You didn’t get to the place you are now overnight and real change takes time. It’s often a case of two steps forward and one step back. Usually, however, when people are committed to doing the work, they start seeing noticeable changes after four sessions. The important thing is to congratulate yourself on your successes and recognize that missteps along the way are merely opportunities to refine your direction. 

So are you ready to…

Get Real, Get Strong and Get Happy?