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Is the fairy-tale version of romance dead?

As I mentioned in a recent blog, my idea of a romantic evening has changed considerably since becoming a mom. 

Getting into a tiny black dress and 4-inch heels requires way more personal grooming than I have the energy for after a day of carpooling and doing laundry.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think about having wild, romantic evenings, but by 10P….well let’s just say that “Sex in the City” turns into “Cold Mountain.”  It’s not to say that we don’t still have a great love life but the bar has been set fairly low in terms of expectations.  My hubby has long since learned that “nothing says I love you” like me shaving my legs. 

There really wasn’t a doubt in my mind that most people with kids feel the same way but I wanted to test my theory.  I teamed up with ADT Home Security to host a Valentine’s Day survey asking the question, “What’s the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day?”  I have to admit, I thought at least one person would vote for the Fairy-Tale version – dinner at the hottest restaurant in town, a dozen roses and some “bling.”  Not one person did! The top two answers were tied:

  • Beer and a burger at the local pub           
  • Staying at home, snuggled in front of a roaring fire.

This told me two things – 1. Guys are spending stupid money on over-priced half-dead roses and 2. We’re all pretty low-maintenance and prefer comfort over fantasy. 

So guys, next time you’re trying to impress us and get us in the mood, just give us a few hours of peace and quiet without our kids and some cozy clothes to slip into – and cleaning the kitchen wouldn’t hurt either!

The Safety Mom was compensated by ADT to conduct this fun Valentine’s Day survey.





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