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Recently, my family visited Nickelodeon Suites Resorts in Orlando for our mid-winter vacation.  Trying to find a vacation spot the entire family will enjoy is hard enough, but finding one that is safe as well as fun can be even trickier.

Fortunately Nickelodeon fit the bill!  The resort had everything you needed right in one place, from a food court that offered a variety of meal options to shows, activities and a great water area.  It was evident that safety was top of mind.  What particularly impressed me was how we were asked if any of our children had food allergies prior to entering the restaurant.  Not many places consider this!  The pool had activities to keep everyone involved but there it was a zero entry pool so I felt comfortable that my five year-old was safe. 

But, no matter where you travel, there are a few things to keep in mind so that everyone stays safe:

PlanIt’s chaotic enough when you’re in familiar surroundings if an emergency arises but when you’re at a hotel, vacation home or resort all your preparations are useless.  Talk to everyone about what to do in the event of a fire, earthquake or some other natural disaster.  Establish a meeting place away from the hotel or home if you’re separated and determine ahead of time who will be in charge of grabbing the kids.   It’s important to evacuate immediately but be sure you have your passports with you. 

Prepare – Your teens will certainly want some freedom to explore a resort, hang out with friends or go to the pool by themselves.  Only you will know how much responsibility they can handle but set some expectations up front.  Establish a curfew time and be sure they know that they need to check in with you if they decide to leave an agreed-upon area.  Be sure they have a cell phone with them so that they can keep in touch with you. 

For little ones, write your cell phone number on a piece of tape and attach inside their shoe. Explain to them that if they get lost they should take off their shoe and show it to a grown-up.  There are also ID Tag bracelets you can purchase and write in all relevant information. 

PreventKeep hotel rooms doors double bolted and the chain lock on at all times so that little ones can’t wander outside and be locked out.  The rooms at Nickelodeon were kid-friendly (some of their favorite Nick characters were hand-painted on the walls) and safe.  If your kids tend to wander you might want to consider purchasing a GPS tracking system to keep on them in case they get lost.

While family vacations are never completely relaxing for parents, it certainly provides a little more peace of mind to know that you’ve selected a vacation spot that the kids will enjoy and where you know they’ll be safe.  Nickelodeon Suites Resorts will be a vacation everyone enjoys!

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