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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and experts predict that a record number of families will be hitting the road.

Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road and your home safe while you’re gone:



Stay off Facebook and Twitter – Don’t post your status that you’re going out of town or that you’re visiting relatives.  This is an open invitation to would-be thieves.  And if you think that no one but your friends will actually see what you’re posting, think again!

Get a check-up for your car – This includes brakes, tire pressure, windshield wiper blades and oil.  Keep an empty gas can with you in the car and an old, charged cell phone in case of an emergency.  Even if you don’t have a cell phone plan, you can still use it to call 911.

Plan for emergencies – Get a copy of any prescription from your doctor and pediatrician to keep with you.  If someone in your family has allergies get a second Epi-Pen.  Pack an emergency First-Aid kit for the car.  You can either buy a pre-stocked one or create one for yourself which includes bandages, icepack, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antihistamine, antiseptic wipes and a barrier mask for performing CPR.  Additionally, keep some supplies if you get stranded such as blankets, water bottles, extra batteries and a flashlight.

Secure your home – Be sure one trusted neighbor has the code to your alarm system in case they need to get in.  Ask them to keep any eye out for any strange cars passing by. It’s also a good idea to ask your neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers while you’re away.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking a neighbor to do this, have your mail held and newspapers cancelled until you return.  Leave a couple lights on while you are away. In the chance of a snowstorm, make sure you have someone readily available to plow your driveway.  By doing this, burglars will think the house is occupied.  Shut off the water to your washing machine and make sure no appliances are left on.

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  1. Holiday Travel excites families but also there’s a fear of leaving the house alone. Travel Safety tips may help them and each one of us must acknowledge these tips.


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