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Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

This is a great product for any caregiver!

Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes

Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes

Several years ago, during the early stages of my dad’s Alzheimer’s, I remember my frustration when my mom would allow him to go out for walks unsupervised.  When I explained my concern that dad would one day forget how to get home, she breezily answered that “he always walked the same route around the neighborhood” and she could easily find him.  (My mom is the eternal optimist which occasionally translates into denial.)  It never seemed to occur to her that someday he wouldn’t take his usual path and could end up on a train to NYC.  I tried for years to get her to buy the Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes for him.  Yup – shoes with GPS tracking in them!

They’re specifically designed for seniors and have a cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology inside of them.  The GPS chip and SIM card is different in every shoe and unique to each wearer.  When the patient is wearing the shoe (which would be almost all of the time) the shoe communicates location coordinates via a wireless data connection to the caregiver by sending them a text message or email.  When the patient wanders outside of the pre-set location chosen by the caregiver, they receive a notice as well.  The shoes allow caregivers to monitor their patient remotely without physically being with them and provide them with peace of mind.  This is especially important since nearly 15% of caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s or another dementia are long-distance caregivers.  This GPS tracking system allows patients to maintain their independence while also ensuring their safety.

These shoes are a simple solution to a growing problem, as other products that strive to promote safety for Alzheimer’s and dementia products are often rejected by the patients due to the fact that know they are being monitored.  With the GPS tracking shoe, your loved one can be monitored without feeling smothered and you can have a peace of mind as well.  Visit Aetrex  to learn more.

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