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Fire Safety Month Tips

FireSafetyMonthDisclaimer – I have a material and/or financial connection because I received a gift, sample of a product and/or compensation for consideration in preparing to write this content. All opinions stated within are my own.

October is fire safety month, and most schools will be talking to our kids about what to do in case of a fire.  But how many of us really practice this at home? A recent survey by COX Homelife found that only 63% of homeowners have an fire safety emergency evacuation plan and only 49% of those have practiced it in the past year.

Take some time in the coming weeks and put together an emergency evacuation plan and practice it! Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Having properly installed smoke alarms cut the chances of dying in a reported fire by half.  Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area and on every level of the home.  Consider purchasing one with an escape light built in as well.  Put a note on the calendar to test the smoke alarm on the first of every month.
  • Keep fire extinguishers in various places around your home including the kitchen, garage, near the furnace and near any fireplace. Be sure you know how to use proper fire extinguisher for each situation.
  • If you are using a portable space heater, be sure it has built-in safety features, such as automatic shutoffs, anti-tipping devices and heat guards.
  • Purchase a 2-Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder and keep it somewhere in or near your bedroom.
  • Teach your children never to try and put out a fire themselves but to leave the house immediately and call 911 from a neighbor’s home.
  • Take them to a fire department to see what a fire fighter looks like with the mask and all of his equipment on.  A child could be fearful of him and actually hide in a fire.

Cox Homelife-Home Escape on Back BurnerHave a fire drill once every few months so that everyone can practice.  Be sure you have two exits established in case one is blocked and practice by crawling on your hands and knees, counting how many “hands” it takes to get to the exit.  When a fire occurs the smoke makes it impossible to see and it could be necessary to crawl to the exit.



  1. Thank you for the help. I just bought my first house and realized that I have never had to focus on maintaining proper fire safety equipment. I am not even sure if there are any fire extinguishers in my house yet. How many do you recommend having?

  2. Having smoke alarms properly installed in my house seems like a great way to keep my home safe from fires. I have a smoke alarm in my house, but I feel like I might need to either change the battery, or get a new one after it didn’t sound when I accidentally burned something in the kitchen. There was a lot of smoke coming from my stove, so it seems like that much smoke should have triggered the alarm. After reading this, I feel like I should get that checked out while I’m thinking of how important it is to have a smoke alarm that works properly. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks a very helpful article. I especially like the part where you have gone that extra mile and mentioned the fact that children could be fearful of a firefighter during a fire breakout. Children should be made aware of the evacuation signs to be prepared to leave the building immediately no matter where they are. Go through this link for the signs –


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