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The Failure of Parents in Today’s Society of Child Killers

If Your Child Commits a Murder or Bullies Someone to Death, You Belong In Jail!

I’m fed up and ticked off beyond belief!  I just read a news article about a young teacher in Massachusetts who was brutally murdered by a 14-year old student at the school. This follows the death of a teacher in Nevada, a brave vet who survived two tours of duty only to be killed by a student in his school.  And let’s not forget the numerous slayings of other innocent victims by teens – Newtown and Columbine to just name few.  While the cause of death for Rebecca Sedwick down in Florida was suicide, it was brought about by two other teens, aged  12 and 14, who were  relentless in their bullying, posted “Drink bleach and die” followed by “You haven’t killed yourself yet, go jump off a building.”

Thank God for the sheriff down in Florida who finally took a stand and not only arrested the girls but is trying to bring charges against the parents.  The parents in Nevada of the school shooter are also potentially facing charges.

It’s about time that parents start being held accountable for their children’s actions, especially when it involves mass shootings, bullying and other depraved behavior.   Children are minors, they are in our care.  They don’t come out of the womb evil – they are taught this and exposed to brutality at home.  What happened to parents being parents?  When did adults become bystanders to their child’s actions? Here’s a thought – IF YOUR CHILD KILLS SOMEONE OR TORMENTS THEM TO THE POINT THAT THEY KILL THEMSELVES, YOU SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE! By the time they enter school they should know right from wrong.  They should know the basic principal that killing is not only illegal but immoral.  If you, as a parent, haven’t instilled this basic concept in your child, you’ve FAILED as a parent!

The other day I had a dad e-mail me.  He didn’t know what to do as his 11 year-old daughter had “hacked around” the software controls he had installed on her phone and she was sending photos and texts that he did not approve of.  He wanted to know what other software was out there that might be a bit more “bullet proof.”  I advised him that, software is not what’s needed.  What should be done is that her phone is taken away!

Parents, it’s time to “man-up.” If your child is out of control, start looking in the mirror for the answer as to why.  You’re not a victim, you’re child’s not a victim.  Your child’s a cold-blooded killer and you made him or her that way.

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