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Dry Drowning – Learn to Recognize the Warning Signs

This week a 4 year-old boy in Texas died from suspected dry drowning.  Most people have never heard of this and, to be honest, it’s rather rare but with summer upon us it’s critical to be aware and recognize the signs.

Dry drowning occurs when a swimmer is on land but previously inhaled water into their lungs.  This could happen from getting dunked, struggling while swimming or simply getting water in his mouth.  In the case of this little boy he was knocked over by a wave and his head went under.  What’s scary is that the person can seem fine after the incident and symptoms don’t appear until 24 – 72 hours later.

Symptoms can include persistent coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, lethargy, fever and an unusual mood change and can begin anywhere from 1 – 24 hours after the incident.

Bottom line is, if your child’s been in the water and they experience any symptoms like this, don’t take a chance and immediately go to the ER.

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