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Your Child’s Complaints About Headaches – It Could Be Vision Problems

Has your child been complaining about headaches? Do they frequently squint or rub their eyes? If so, they may have a vision problem that needs to be checked out by a doctor. Now is a great time for your child to get an eye exam because it can be done at their annual physical exam, which needs to be completed before the first day of school.

Eye exams play a crucial role in protecting your children’s vision. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that infants should have their first eye check at six months of age to screen for eye diseases. At 3 years of age and before entering first grade, children’s vision should also be checked. After first grade children should have an eye check every two years. Your child’s pediatrician can perform eye checks during their yearly well-visit or by an optometrist.

 “One in four school-aged children have vision problems,” (Hugh R. Parry, president and CEO of Prevent Blindness America). Your child can pass their school’s vision-screening test, have perfect 20/20 vision, and still have other vision problems that go undetected. A comprehensive eye exam is necessary to check for all eye conditions and diseases. 

Your child should be examined as soon as possible, regardless of their age, if they are experiencing any of the following: inflamed eyes, tearing eyes, unusual sensitivity to light, eye pain, swollen eyelids, constant eye squinting, itchy eyes. These are all symptoms of possible vision problems that should be brought to a doctor’s attention immediately.

For more information about Eye Health and Safety check out this website.

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