How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Proper Dosing of Acetaminophen

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How to Help Seniors Overcome Holiday Blues

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Massive Crib Recall To Be Announced Tomorrow

There have been several news reports today about a massive crib recall that will be announced tomorrow. Unfortunately this little bit of information is only serving to terrify new parents because they have no idea if their crib will be one that is recalled. This is a classic case of keeping things in perspective. I’ve […]

More Cool Products from the ABC Show

My feet are sore and I’m exhausted walking around the ABC Show and seeing all of the amazing products here! I’ve met so many incredible inventors and designers who truly care about kids health and safety. That’s not to say that the big guys aren’t thinking about mom too! One of the other winners of […]

It’s Nap Time – Do You Know Where Your Toddler Is?

I got permission from my friend (who shall remain nameless) to share a terrifying experience that happened to her while on vacation. She and her family had rented a vacation home and were just returning from a day at the beach. Her toddler had fallen asleep in the car so her husband decided to take […]

Johnson & Johnson’s baby products are caught up in the media hype

It seems as if every few months a new product-safety "crisis du jour" comes up in the media.  Whether it's toy recalls, e-coli scares or car seat failures, the media bombards parents with dire information on which products are going to injure or kill their children.  While the information is important, as parents we need […]

BPAs – What You Need to Know To Protect Your Baby!

Many parents are aware of the serious threat that Bisphenol-A (BPA) poses for our children.  For parents-to-be, grandparents and anyone else who is not familiar with this chemical, it is found in millions of plastic products to make them shatter resistant, most notably baby bottles, pacifiers, teethers and other plastic baby products.  Many researchers and […]

Protecting Our Babies Before They’re Born

The findings of an extensive study on the consequences of prematurity is being released today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.   The study points to some troubling statistics among premature babies as they become adults, namely lower education rates and the greater likelihood not to have children of their own.  And, while it […]

One Million Evenflo Car Seats Recalled

Just wanted to get the word out that about one million child safety seats made by Evenflo are being recalled because they could fail to protect children from vehicle side-impacts. Seats affected by the recall are Evenflo Discovery child safety seat models 390, 391, 534 and 552 made between April 2005 and January 29, 2008. […]

The FDA Says “No” to OTC Medicines for Babies – Is It Time To Get Back to Basics?

The FDA today released a statement declaring OTC cough and cold medicines too risky for children under the age of 2 and warned parents to avoid using them ""because serious and potentially life-threatening side effects can occur."   This comes on the heels of drug companies pulling many of their infant cold medicines off the shelf […]