How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Proper Dosing of Acetaminophen

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How to Help Seniors Overcome Holiday Blues

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Parenting Topics

JPMA Innovation Award Winner’s From The ABC Show!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in judging for this year’s JPMA Innovation Awards at the ABC Show in Louisville.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!  There were some incredible products – some prototypes and some already on the market.  There were a few trends that I was happy to see.  Manufacturers seem […]

Managing Your Child’s Fears After the Norway Massacre

As all of us did, I read in horror about the massacre that occurred in Norway one week ago today.  It’s almost impossible to grasp the magnitude of such an evil act and how it has affected that once peaceful country.  What made it all the more devastating was how many teens were killed and […]

Finding Your Happily Ever After Once You’re a Parent

This week I’m getting married.  At 45 years old with four kids, bills, job pressures and more baggage than I could fit into a steamer trunk, I’m a blushing bride again.  I must admit it’s a strange feeling and extremely different than the first time around.   I recall the week before my first wedding when […]

Are Tatoos Just Free Expression For Kids?

My mother always told me to “pick your battles” when it comes to your teens.  They’re going to start forming their own identities from their choice of fashion to friends and they’re going to want to experiment to see what feels right.  Ever since my kids were born I said that there were some battles […]

A Follow Up to My Fox & Friends Segment

This morning I appeared on Fox & Friends debating the topic of safety on playgrounds, specifically a report claiming that playgrounds are becoming too safe and that kids need risks to overcome fear.  Unfortunately, with the way television news works, it wasn’t much of a debate and there wasn’t enough time for me to respond. […]

The Invisible Face of Intellectual Disabilities

OK, this isn’t meant to be a pity party blog post.  This is just to share what it’s like, at least for me, to be the mother of a child with intellectual disabilities. Spencer turned 13 last month, a big step for any kid.  But for a kid with intellectual disabilities it raises even greater […]

Parents need to be responsible for their child’s gaming habits not the government

Yesterday California rejected a proposed ban on the sale of violent video games to kids.  I can’t believe that this was even up for a vote.  Here’s the reality – it’s a parent’s job to be sure that what their children are viewing and/or doing is appropriate.  Do we really need the government to monitor […]

We’ve seen the “bad” of social media this week – here’s the good!

We’ve all read the disgusting story about Anthony Weiner and how social media can be used in a bad way but I was fortunate to receive a Tweet this morning from one of my followers that shows how social media can pass along uplifting and heroic messages. The  Tweet read “Alice is 15 & has […]