Media addicted Tweens and Teens? Why You Should Follow Your Kids

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Halloween Safety Tips

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Smart devices that assist seniors and people with disabilities

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How to Select a Children’s Hospital

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Mom Matters

A Single-Mom Christmas: 4 Ways To Make ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ Manageable

Guest Blog Post by Rebecca Fisher Every day I wondered if I would have enough money for gas or groceries. Every month I worried I might not be able to pay the utilities, car payment or the credit card that helped us get by when there just wasn’t enough money to go around. And every […]

10 Ways Parents Can Promote a Healthy Self-Image In Their Children by Dr. Lyndsay Elliott

1. Instill Confidence: When you comment on internal qualities you instill self-assuredness in your child. Use phrases such as, “You are really good at….” Or “You seem to really know…” Reward effort and completion, instead of outcome. 2. Encourage Movement: Find a physical activity that your child enjoys, and focus on how being active makes […]

The Contour Belt – A Multi-Tasker’s Secret Weapon

  Usually when I’m asked to review products it’s an item for the home, a book, a safety device or something for kids.  So when The Balancing Act asked me to review The Contour Belt, I was a little apprehensive.  The Contour Belt utilizes Electro muscle Stimulation (EMS or eStim) to stimulate abdominal muscles.  Hmmm, […]

I forgot what it was like to “play dolls” until last night

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a kid.  We get so busy rushing around, stressing over paying bills and trying to keep the family routine running smoothly that we overlook the world from our child’s eyes. I’ll admit, I’ve been on a tear lately trying to keep the house clean and […]

Girl’s Beauty Night Out Event in Fairfield County, CT

Look and feel beautiful on the inside and out! The Safety Mom & Dermage Spa want all Fairfield County, CT women to glow this summer! And, to help you do this we are holding an amazing event on June 1st from 5:00 – 10:00pm I’ll be signing copies of my new book, “Honey I Lost the […]

Special Mother’s Day Offer for Friends of The Safety Mom!

Mother’s day is right around the corner and I’ve already been dropping hints. I’m not much of a jewelry person, (shoes are much more my obsession of choice!) but I absolutely fell in love with this Circle of Love pendent created by jewelry designer Zedena Designs. There are more than 60 colors of Genuine Swarovski […]

Twitter Party Invitation! Let’s Tweet About Car Safety

Travelling for the holidays this year? For many of us we’ll be hitting the road for Grandma’s house, friend’s parties or even a family vacation. And, with airline travel being as crazy as it is, more families will be driving instead of flying. Car accidents are still one of the leading causes of injuries for […]

Twitter Party to a Healthier You!

As women, we are in a daily struggle to manage our lives as well as our kids and parents.  While juggling kid’s activities, jobs, cleaning, classes or doctors appointments, we oftentimes forget about ourselves. All women need to know the steps to understand the symptoms and reduce the risk of illness including heart disease.  And, […]