How Re-Inventing Yourself Will Make You Happy

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What I’ve Learned Living Without a Credit Card for Six Years

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Proper Dosing of Acetaminophen

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How to Help Seniors Overcome Holiday Blues

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In the News

Smart devices that assist seniors and people with disabilities

As a spokesperson for COX Homelife I have the chance to check out so many smart devices that provide accessibility and for seniors to remain in their home. For more information, visit

Moms making a difference

Heather Borden Herve´ is bringing GOOD News back to her community Recently I joined a women’s small business group in my town.  It started out, as most things do with women these days, with a question I happened to post on our town Facebook page.  I wanted to see if anyone had some marketing tips […]

Two ways to cope with the Oklahoma Tornado tragedy

As I awake this morning I’m compelled to turn on the news and see that the horror in Oklahoma continues to rise as more bodies are being discovered.  Like so many of you, I’m left speechless and trying to comprehend the pain and anguish families in this area are experiencing right now. It does indeed […]

“Latch on NYC” – A Restriction on Baby Formula

Bloomberg Trying to Restrict Baby Formula in NYC Hospitals The movement towards restricted formula use in 27 New York hospitals has women across the nation angered. It seems that this is almost an insensitive infringement onto the rights women have to feed their newborns formula. This initiative will keep formula locked up in storage at […]

If adults still don’t know not to post nude pics, how do we expect our teens to get it?

Last week, a high school football coach in Oxford, ME, Paul Withee , resigned after it was discovered he had posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook. Withee had intended for the photo to be posted privately to a personal friend but he accidently made it public. A parent from the school found the […]

An open letter from The Safety Mom

This past week has been incredibly difficult for me professionally.  My integrity and my ethics have been questioned.  I know the old saying “stick and stones…” but words do indeed hurt. Through my work I have had the incredible good fortune of meeting some amazing people and being introduced to companies that truly have a […]

Please say a prayer for Tyler Dasher tonight

I’m sitting here crying as I read the news story of Tyler Dasher, the 13 mos old boy who was killed at the hands of his mother yesterday, 20 year-old Shelby Dasher.  FULL STORY HERE I wonder what goes through the mind of a mother who could kill her own child.  I cry in anger […]